Videos to Brighten Someone’s Day: Our COVID-19 Video Project

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives; it has closed schools, pushed more people to work from home, caused mass layoffs, and canceled events. Between social distancing and reading the news to stay up to date on the epidemic can make the present and the future feel bleak and depressing. Not being able to see the people we love in person makes this difficult time harder.

At Web Rocket Media, we understand how difficult the times are right now, and we want to help brighten up the days of those who are feeling alone during this lockdown. To do this, we have decided to donate our incredible video department to all of you. We started our COVID-19 video project to create videos for anyone in your life who needs a reminder that they are not alone, and things will get better. All you need to do to get this video is send us your favorite photos, and we will put together a video for that special person in your life.

Even though states have begun easing restrictions and reopening things, life is not likely to return to normal anytime soon. Things will reopen slowly — in phases — because if we open things too quickly, health officials are worried we may see a sudden surge in cases. There are still new cases of the novel coronavirus, and the death toll continues to climb slowly. We will be seeing people wearing masks in public to keep trying to slow the spread of the virus for a while longer and remain cautious about sanitizing things brought into our homes.

Life may not return to normal, but we can still do something to help the people in our lives and show them they are loved, even if you cannot physically be with them right now. Contact Web Rocket Media today to get your free video from our COVID-19 video project and bring a smile to someone you love.



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