At Web Rocket Media, we are acutely aware that COVID-19 is
affecting every aspect of our lives. As we all follow the
government regulations, we are cancelling events, learning
how to homeschool and wearing masks when we do go
outside, while we do everything we can to stay connected.


It seems these days there are more things we can’t do,
but we CAN all help make each other’s days a little brighter.

To help create better days, we are donating our awesome video department to each and every one of you incredible people out there to help remind you that although things are tough right now, they won’t stay that way forever. We will create a video for you, your family members, your boss, someone from your church, your favorite nurse, someone you love in the hospital… Anyone you know who could use a reminder that they are not alone.

Life may never be “normal” again, but what is “normal” anyway? Things will get better and

So, Here Are Your Instructions:

1.Go to your social media profiles, camera roll, old dusty computer folders and pull out your favorite moments.

2.Fill out our quick form, upload your photos, and have a seat. We will have your video delivered to you soon.

3.When your video is finished, we will send you an email and all you need to do is open it, smile and share it. 🙂

If you need help, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out. Our project managers
would be overjoyed to assist you. You can reach them here:

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