Top 4 Benefits of Managing Your Online Reputation Management

Communicating with words and other media over the internet has become a global phenomenon. Millions of viewers log in to watch Tiktoc videos. In the blog space, there are about 600 million web pages. This is a sizeable chunk of the around 1.7 billion working websites.

Online reputation management (ORM) is an unfortunate downside of having an online existence. In Cyberworld, anyone can publish anything online with little regulatory guidelines. However, these guidelines are slowly coming into form as our society moves further into the 21st century.

What is ORM?

In today’s world of 24/7 cyber traffic, protecting your online reputation is more important than ever. This protection requires identity theft protection combined with safe and secure web surfing habits that must be followed at the individual level.

Given the identity theft risk, personal reputation management is nothing new for high-profile VIPs. Indeed, hiring a PR firm to manage what the public sees and thinks about the client is expected. PR firms can put glitz and glamor on a positive spin to get beneficial results. To this point, ORM has a public element that requires an online marketing firm that knows PR.

ORM must also be ready to act on potential threats and provide the benefits of online reputation management. For example, in 2011, Taco Bell struck back against false claims that their taco meat was fake. Taco Bell led with a reputation management campaign: Would it kill you to say you’re sorry? Taco Bell made this stance because they proved their taco meat was real and filed a lawsuit. The accuser backed down, and so did Taco Bell until they came out with their new reputation management campaign and the gloves were off.

ORM is a necessity for today’s e-commerce merchants. From protecting against counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers to trademark protection, the experts at Web Rocket Media covers your online reputation. As an ORM candidate, we monitor your online activity to take quick action if there is a breach.

Top 4 Benefits of Online Reputation Management

From a broad perspective, ORM for your business comes with the benefit of online identity protection, or at least it should. However, if you believe you have good ORM benefits but are unsure of the extent of personal identity protection, you may have security vulnerabilities. recommend

1. Brand Protection

When an entrepreneur decides to start a new business selling products through online marketplaces such as Amazon, he has an expectation that his goods will not be counterfeited. However, the same entrepreneur energy lives in bad actors that look for e-commerce vulnerabilities.

ORM keeps out unauthorized sellers and protects brands from those bad actors that want to move in and use legitimate online storefronts to sell counterfeit goods. When you hire an online marketing agency such as Web Rocket Media, you’re employing a professional team that takes your online reputation seriously.

One of the most consequential benefits of online reputation management is the authentication of customer product reviews. Based on SEO, these reviews help e-commerce merchants attract customers.

Without ORM, unscrupulous competitors could post negative reviews. Or worse yet, an unauthorized seller sneaks into your marketplace and lists counterfeit products that deserve bad reviews. With Web Rocket Media’s ORM, you’ll never worry about bad reviews influencing your brand.

2. Trust and Social Capital

When you protect your online reputation, you tell your customers that what you’re doing is legitimate. Customers trust that doing business with you leads to positive outcomes. When this expectation of a legitimate exchange gets repeated, social capital develops that others depend on for buying products.

If you have a brand that sells well, you’ll probably also have product reviews. You won’t be able to please all the people all the time. However, the online nature of product reviews makes them susceptible to false information. ORM helps keep false information from your product listings.

Like most brick-and-mortar retail stores, e-commerce stores often sell personal or brand-specific products produced by the seller. This is where trademark information might be needed for authentication purposes.

3. Value-Added Marketing

ORM adds a protective trust layer to a brand that attracts customers. With a robust ORM campaign, you’ll have an opportunity to sell your products to customers who heard your brand is secure. In short, ORM can be used as a five-star recommendation for potential customers worried about security.

The ability to conduct peer-review quality research and review of a product and brand is a clear consequence of e-commerce. Thus, an ORM-supported product or brand tells potential customers they don’t need to research its authenticity. The ORM marketing strategy tells customers the e-commerce merchant cares about brand security.

4. Improved SEO

The number of people that use Google to find products to buy online is astounding. There are about 63,000 search queries every second. That said, search engine results pages (SERPs) are crucial aspects of e-commerce sales. With ORM deployed, SERPs can better use customers’ positive reviews to attract new customers.

While ranking high on a SERP depends on several factors, Google’s algorithms favor results that keep web searchers safe from cybercrime. Therefore, e-commerce websites that keep customers safe from threats such as counterfeit goods tend to reach higher SERP positions. The ORM campaign is something Google’s search algorithms find because of authenticated positive reviews.


ORM helps businesses align existing trademarks and other intellectual property with business needs. In the online retail space, trust is a key element of the unboxing experience. Thus, ORM lets new customers know they will have a positive experience with the product and/or brand. This builds social capital as brand/product awareness spreads through a group of potential customers.

If you own an online store, you know of the importance of making sure counterfeit items don’t end up in your listings. When you hire Web Rocket Media to promote your ORM, your store gets a dedicated team of online marketers and PR experts that know how to protect your online existence. Give the experts at Web Rocket Media a call and experience the security of real ORM.

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