Do Google Business Posts Help SEO or Are They Totally Unrelated?

Google Business Profile helps companies and small businesses manage their online presence through search and maps. This is extremely helpful if you have a brick and mortar store, because your potential customers can not only find you online, but your physical space, too. Google Business Profile lets you add and verify information about your business, update your hours for holidays, and gives people the opportunity to leave you a review.

So, if you’re wondering, do Google Business posts help SEO? The answer is yes; they work hand in hand with each other. Google Business Profile allows you to be more searchable. And by incorporating it into your SEO practices, you’re helping your page rise in the ranks of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and allowing you to be more searchable.

What information is shared on Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a great SEO tool because it gives searchers a quick snapshot of any information they might be looking for, such as:

  • Your physical address, with directions
  • Contact information like a phone number
  • Your business hours
  • Your website URL
  • Photos of the business
  • Google reviews
  • Questions people have asked about your business
  • Reviews from around the web
  • Your social media profiles

What content can I post to Google Business Profile?

Think of your own experience and what you’re looking for when you’re using Google to search for a business. Keeping your Google Business posts updated frequently also helps with SEO and improves your rankings. Like you would update your website with blogs or other new content, updating your Google Business profile will ‘ping’ Google with each new addition, letting their algorithms rank you higher.

Some content ideas for your Google Business Profile listing:

  • Give updates on news, specials, and offers
  • Respond immediately to reviews – both positive and negative
  • Add photos of your storefront, products, team, and customers
  • Answer any questions immediately
  • Adjust the pin on your map to show exactly where you can be found

How do Google Business posts help SEO, exactly?

Google Business Profile posts help contribute to your SEO locally. Having a verified listing on Google Business Profile will put your digital presence at the top of the search pages, which indirectly helps your website rank higher. It helps you rank higher by providing social signals and analytics to Google, drives more traffic to your website, and provides proof of business through reviews.

Google determines your local ranking through:

  • Relevance – how well your business profile matches what is being searched for
  • Distance – how physically far the potential search result is from the user’s location
  • Prominence – how well the business is known in the offline world, such as museums, landmarks, etc. Also, Google scans links, articles, and directors that refer to your business to help improve your local ranking

There are a lot of moving parts when you want to set up and verify your business with Google Business Profile. When you’re ready to be found, contact Web Rocket Media and our dedicated team of SEO experts.


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