4 Reasons Why Using Google my Business Optimization Service is Worth the Investment

Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s online business directory management tool. GMB lets business owners take ownership and control over their Google-generated online Business Profile. Online marketers use Google’s Business Profiles with search engine optimization (SEO). This partnership results in search engine result pages (SERPs) that list local results and ultimately lead to local customers.

Think of the GMB directory like it’s the Yellow Pages. These are specific sections in city phone books that list the address and phone numbers of businesses in that city. Before smartphones and the internet, people used the Yellow Pages in the same way people now use the Google business profile directory.

Why Use a GMB Account?

Obviously, being listed in Google’s popular online business directory is good for business. If nothing else, increased visibility is valuable for an online presence. Using the Google business profile directory listing management tool (GMB), a business enlists the full force of Google for developing online visibility and brand recognition.

Google’s Business Profile listings can only be managed with a GMB account.

Unlike a Yellow Pages listing, a Google Business Profile directory listing is not owned or managed by the business unless you have a GMB account. Although Google wants your listing information for its own reasons, your Business Profile directory presence can be managed in much the same way you manage a social media business account.

Customer reviews get the most attention in the Business Profile directory. Hence, GMB is a type of social media platform management tool that leverages customer word of mouth. To get the most value for your marketing dollar, consider hiring Web Rocket Media as a GMB optimization service.

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve put together the following list of reasons why using a Google my Business optimization service is worth the investment.

Location, Location, Location

Getting noticed in the Yellow Pages is a matter of buying a listing that gets visual attention. In contrast, Google’s Business Profile directory is free. Google publishes Business Profile listings across its platforms. For example, the businesses in the Business Profile directory show up in Google Maps.

Until someone claims a geographical location as a place of business, anyone can make a business listing, provided it’s empty. In other words, a random stranger can claim the geographical location unless the business owner makes the listing. Then that business owner can use GMB to manage that place on Google Maps.

Some businesses depend on local customers for sales. They need high visibility on local web searches. When someone searches for a product or service online using Google’s web search, the location where that product or service can be purchased shows up in the SERP. At the local level, Google can even tell the searcher how far away the product is.

With enhanced Google Maps features, GMB users can take advantage of geographical elements. For instance, any tourist attraction or other sightseeing adventure can be connected for advertising purposes.

Extended Visibility

One of the most practical uses of GMB and a Business Profile is extended visibility. This feature becomes obvious when a business owner fills out the Business Profile listing.

  1. Go to google.com/business and click “Start Now.”
  2. Start typing the name of your business in the search box. If your business name shows up, choose it. If there is nothing there, fill in the fields on the Profile Listing. Remember to fill in all fields so that all of Google’s features become useable.
  3. Pin your location so customers can find you.


Unlike publications such as the Yellow Pages, GMB and a Business Profile combine to make the customer experience memorable from first online contact. When a customer views an extended listing of your online store right inside Google’s business directory, customers receive a sense of shopping authenticity.

Customer Review Management

Google’s Business Profiles effectively capture customer sentiment with Google-based customer reviews. Customer reviews are like word of mouth. These reviews are directly tied to the Business Profile and can be managed with GMB. Moreover, when used with other SEO-based metrics, customer reviews can be mixed with social media posts.  

In the e-commerce world, customer reviews are a primary selling metric. With GMB and a Business Profile, your business has ready access to what customers are saying about your products or services. One study showed that as much as 93% of shoppers were influenced by previous customer reviews.

Positive customer reviews build consumer trust and attraction to a brand. Indeed, the opposite is also true. Hence, a business owner that sells products and services online should stay on top of customer reviews. With a Business Profile and a GMB account, customer reviews can be read and answered quickly. The point is quick responsiveness to customer concerns.


A GMB optimization service is worth the investment because it is free and easy to use. Although Google uses its Business Profile directory information for its own internal purposes, GMB benefits business owners who choose to hire a digital marketing agency. Digital marketers know how to take full advantage of the Business Profile directory and its customer review system.

For one-stop digital marketing agencies, GMB helps consolidate all digital ad campaigns into one seamless operation. For example, using Google Analytics, the SEO experts at Web Rocket Media compare web traffic to positive customer reviews. Consequently, a GMB account helps SEO experts optimize websites for better user experiences.

Closing Thoughts

A GMB account and a Google Business Profile offer eCommerce businesses a way to increase online visibility for free. However, to take full advantage of a GMB account, it is advised that businesses hire a digital marketing agency to manage it. At Web Rocket Media, the online advertising experts tie all ad campaigns together into a seamless workflow.

Contact Web Rocket Media today and have them set up and manage your GMB account and Business Profile. With extensive experience across all forms of online advertising, Web Rocket Media has your ticket to eCommerce success. 

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