Can Google Analytics Track IP Addresses and Why on Earth Would They Need That Information?

In recent years, Google Analytics has made a mark in the digital analytics software market, in part because it’s free. But, as an online marketing tool, it has some beneficial functionality. For example, Google Analytics monitors web traffic, thereby helping website owners understand and improve things like bounce rate.

However, there are some things it does not do. For one, it isn’t magic. A website owner can only glean insights. Google Analytics won’t figure things out for you. It still takes the skills of online marketing experts like the Google Analytic experts at Web Rocket Media. Perhaps most importantly for the privacy cautious, it does not track IP addresses.

What About Location?

When it comes to online marketing for e-commerce, finding a target audience is crucial. Knowing the specific target audience gives an e-commerce merchant the ability to micro-target money and resources, which increases ROI. Demographics is a significant element of reaching a target audience. For example, age and gender help sellers micro-target for specific products.

Another crucial piece of a demographic picture is located. You might wonder: if Google Analytics doesn’t track IP addresses, how would it be able to discover location?  Perhaps a more pressing question is why. The answer is straightforward, demographics.  

The Power of Google

Regular Google users know they use something called Location Services. Those who have it enabled on their digital devices agreed to let Google track where you’ve been and where you go. Most users don’t mind. After all, it is just one of those digital conveniences we’ve all come to rely on.

Essentially, Google uses GPS for its Location Services. Because people use Google across all their digital devices, it has the power to seamlessly stay with your digital footprint wherever you go. Smartphones do not have dedicated IP addresses. The carrier assigns an IP address when you sign up for their service. Of course, you can join a Wi-Fi network where that service would assign an IP address.

This means that Google connects IP addresses with GPS coordinates. The user benefit is clear. However, Google tracks IP addresses, then uses this to help those using Google Analytics discover locations. The locations available are not exact because a digital marketer does not need exact locations.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re looking for a reliable partner that will help your e-commerce business grow its online presence, look no further than Web Rocket Media. We have experts in Google Analytics that will help you find and target the right buyers. We also have social media ad campaign experts that will get you noticed. This type of social media presence will increase the number of visitors that come to your website and in turn, increase your customer base. With your direct input, our expert website designers will custom design a website that will attract customers and keep them long enough for a sale. Finally, our Google Analytics expert will monitor web traffic and ensure things run smoothly.


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