Common (and Costly!) Mistakes You’re Making With PPC Marketing

PPC marketing, also known as pay-per-click marketing, is quickly becoming an extremely popular way to gain new clientele and grow your customer base. As beneficial as it can be, many businesses aren’t utilizing it properly and aren’t seeing the results they were hoping for. 


When done correctly, it can help boost traffic to your website or landing page, increase sales, easily control advertising costs, and improve brand recognition. Unfortunately, it can be extremely simple to make a costly mistake when setting up and managing your pay-per-click marketing campaign. 


Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes made with PPC marketing and how your business can avoid any disruptions, complications, and headaches. 


Are You Targeting the Right People?


The good news with PPC marketing is you only pay for clicks. Still, your ad won’t do any good for your business if it’s not being clicked on. To ensure people are inclined to click on your ad, you need to make sure it’s being shown to the right customers.


Building a buyer persona to describe who your customer is and what they’re interested in will help you avoid targeting the wrong people. Things like their typical age, occupation, hopes, fears, interests, hobbies, and influences will give you a better idea of who you’re selling to. 


Keywords, search terms, and which platform it will be seen on will further determine the type of people you should be targeting.


Do You Pay Attention To Your Bidding?


Since most pay-per-click marketing campaigns will have a daily budget set, many business owners will determine that budget and leave it alone. This can be extremely detrimental to your campaign if it starts to underperform. 


When you keep an eye on your campaign each and every day, you can make minor adjustments to the bidding depending on the recent results. For example, you might look at increasing the bids if you’re not getting enough clicks, but are converting well. 


If you still aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for, you might need to adjust another element of your campaign.


Creativity Matters More Than You Think


Getting clicks and converting them into sales will be much easier if you have a creative team on your side to give your ad campaign some spark. Without creativity, you’ll struggle to grab anyone’s attention and won’t stand out from the crowd. 


Knowing your buyer persona will come in handy here. Every target audience will respond differently to your advertisement. A customized and personalized message in your advertising will increase clicks and help you convert them into customers that always come back for more.


At Web Rocket Media, we have a team of professionals ready to assist you in your pay-per-click advertising campaign. We are constantly watching the numbers and analyzing the results to ensure you receive maximum results. 


If you’re ready to witness what PPC marketing can do for your business, contact Web Rocket Media today. We can’t wait to share with you the many benefits it brings!




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