With These 3 New Ad Formats, Twitter Increases its Business Advertising Capabilities

The tech and financial worlds have taken notice as Twitter has been in the news in recent weeks. However, from an e-commerce marketing perspective, these recent news stories are a distraction as Twitter must compete with other social media platforms. For many Twitter users, inside the app tools have become a way to get their brands noticed.

Twitter continues to improve its set of business tools, the latest being a set of 3 new ad formats Twitter is rolling out for user-testing. Twitter learned its lesson about user preferences. After taking negative PR hits for years over making Twitter posts permanent and uneditable, they gave in. Now you can edit a Twitter post. Editing posts must be a time-saver for all of those online advertisers who use daily Twitter posts.

With these three new ad formats, Twitter created a way to run a mini-store inside the Twitter-verse complete with hotlinks and customizable images. Read on for more details!

Twitter For Social Media Advertising Campaigns

For those of you out there in Tweet land who use Twitter to get your products out to your followers, you know the value of sharing tweets about the products you love. As one of the top social media apps available, Twitter helps e-commerce only businesses get their brands out to the public. You almost can’t get any more public than Twitter, at least in the social media world.

Twitter is taking online advertising into the future with its visionary and experimental features. According to the official blog post about the three new ad formats, Twitter sees an “untapped potential” in online advertising with these 3 new ad formats. 

1. Interactive Text 

First up comes the ability to customize ad text that shows up in timelines. Ads with interactive text will have bolder text so they stand out from others. Users will be able to choose and highlight three words from the text that will act as clickable buttons to landing pages.

In addition to having up to three clickable words in a headline, the new ad format gives users a choice of ten colors for the font. Twitter believes this will increase the ad’s ability to catch our attention as we scroll through our feeds. Indeed, these types of subtle opportunities to add traffic to a website increase sales the likelihood of sales.  

2. Product Explorer

The Product Explorer ad format feature might be one of the coolest things Twitter has accomplished in the realm of social media advertising. For the first time, Twitter gives advertisers 3D product description capabilities. Users can swipe through products and then use their fingers to rotate the image on their smartphones to see other sides of the product. If the user wants to find more information about the product they simply click the ad’s shop button to be transported to the website.

Using this ad format to the best of its capabilities might be tricky for some users. If you’d like to put Twitter to work for your brand, consider hiring Web Rocket Media. Their experts run successful Twitter advertising campaigns that utilize the 3D ad format and others to get your brand the most exposure possible on Twitter.

3. Collection Ads

With Collection Ads, Twitter Ad creators can expand storytelling with a hero or main product image and up to 5 thumbnail product image ads below. The hero image stays the same while users can scroll through the images. Each image can have its own hotlink to a product page or landing page.

Mini Stores Inside Twitter

With these 3 new ad formats, Twitter users can enjoy a neat total Twitter retail experience. This type of focused social media advertising takes detailed knowledge of how Twitter works as an advertising platform. 

Closing Thoughts

These new Twitter tools give the experts at Web Rocket Media more tools to get your brand out into the Twitter-verse. As your go-to online advertising agency, Web Rocket Media understands the details of running social media advertising campaigns across multiple platforms at once, giving your brand and products maximum exposure. 

In the coming weeks, popular brands such as Oreo, Bud Light, and Wendy’s will be testing interactive texts. Other brands, New Balance, Lexus, and Bose among others will pilot test Product Explorer and Collection Ads. The success or failure of these new Twitter ad formats remains to be seen. What is clear is that the experts at Web Rocket Media will be spying attention.

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