Social media has somehow made a reputation with businesses as simply being a passing marketing trend. Because of this outlook, it would be easy for leaders to view the social media arena as one that’s unprofitable – simply because it has developed so rapidly. Few companies are motivated to work through the process of learning a new and sometimes perplexing system when the older methods “seem to be working just fine.” Therefore, it can be viewed as a flash-in-the-pan marketing tool. However, statistics offer a different impression on social media marketing. Popular inbound marketing software platform, Hubspot, noted that in 2014, 92% of marketing professionals claimed that social media marketing played a critical part in their businesses with as much as 80% of them stating that their websites’ traffic went markedly up because of it. United States-based media company, Social Media Examiner, said that 97% of marketing professionals use social media marketing, and at the same time, 85% of those they surveyed admitted to not knowing which social media tools are the best ones to use. Undoubtedly, this shows that social media marketing has great potential for boosting sales, but the ability to use it optimally for achieving such results is still lacking in general. Here are three ways you can become familiar with the benefits your business may enjoy from using this kind of marketing activity.


The most efficient way to showcase your business’s content is through your social media networks. Using them can make your business reachable and easier to connect with consumers, making it more recognizable and familiar to your current, as well as potential customers. Imagine a Twitter user who begins to follow you, hearing that you post coupons or deals available only on social media. This Twitter user likes your post and re-tweets it, allowing all her followers a chance to see your brand on their Twitter feed. This is just one of the ways social media can allow you to attract a far more widespread customer base.


An open and strategic social media plan can be greatly beneficial in terms of improving customers’ brand loyalty. According to a published report by Texas Tech University, companies that use social media to engage customers experience more loyalty from them compared to those who don’t. The report’s deduction is that businesses must make full use of available social media tools to get their customers to feel a part of something great.  Social media can target customers on a more personal level than all previous forms of advertising. Every comment, video, blog post, or image that you share on your business’ social media platform allows people the chance to engage and hold personal conversions with your business.


In numerous, yet distinctive ways, social media marketing can lead to higher rate of conversion for your business’ websites. Possibly the most significant way it does so is through what Forbes calls the “humanization effect.” Simply stated, your business becomes more like a person instead of a company. Social media gives businesses opportunities to act and behave as if they are people and not another insensible institution. Customers are far more likely to try something new through word of mouth by a trusted friend, and can you think of a more effective platform that make this happen than social media?

Web Rocket Media offers social media that helps you target your customers, to grow and convert new leads.

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