Why Email Marketing is Important to Your Business

A crucial part of a successful business is getting new and existing customers to buy or invest in what the business offers. This can be challenging in some industries that need to change business practices because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, some small businesses went out of business because of pandemic-related losses.

From getting customers back after the pandemic to expanding to more markets, businesses need reliable marketing strategies. Gone are the golden days of advertising when all a business needed was a jingle and a catchy slogan. Today’s businesses are actively involved in online activities and use the internet and other cyber tools to advertise and promote brand awareness

Email Advertising is Almost As Old as the Internet

Email marketing was one of the first online marketing tools and it remains one of the best. The first email was sent in 1971 and the first email advertising “blast” came in 1978. Email messaging started as an online communication tool for university scholars and other professionals. The messaging client was accessible through computers connected through a network of connected university computers.

By the Numbers

At well over twenty email marketing apps, email marketing’s success can be measured by the number of email-marketing-based platforms available. Whether your business chooses an automated online marketer or chooses in-house email marketing techniques, today’s businesses need email marketing. Why? Check out the following email marketing numbers:

  • 86% of professionals prefer their email connection above all others
  • 2020 saw an average open rate of 18% and a click-to-open rate of just over 14%
  • Almost three fourths (72%) of surveyed customers prefer email as the main point of contact with sellers
  • More than half of all businesses (52%) prefer email as their primary way of communicating 
  • 61% of those who subscribe to company newsletters would like at least one email a week about sales and other special events related to their product choices.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Email Marketing Strategy

The numbers listed above are a good place to start when considering an email marketing strategy for your business. If nothing else, the numbers show people engage with email on a regular basis. This is an indication that there are intangible benefits to an email marketing strategy. Unfortunately, intangible benefits are often overlooked or misunderstood because they aren’t highlighted in an email marketing strategy that focuses on new contacts. Consequently, if your email marketing strategy needs a boost, consider hiring a digital marketing agency like Web Rocket Media. 

Tangible Benefits

By far, email marketing offers the best return on your investment dollars (ROI). In 2019, the average was for every dollar spent on email advertising, you will get back on average $42. Given the tight budgets many follow, spending the least amount possible on advertising is appealing to business owners. While saving money is important, there are other tangible benefits to email marketing,


As alluded to above, affordability is one benefit business owners willingly embrace. The reasons why there is a 4200% ROI on email marketing are attributable to a handful of key factors. At around 92%, almost everyone uses email. Consequently, sending an email cost virtually nothing. All you need to send an email is an email client. Some are free. However, some email clients automate email marketing with specifically coded software that promotes marketing.

At Web Rocket Media we understand that today’s businesses struggle to make ends meet. Our team of professional email marketers will work with you and your email client to get the best ROI you can. Web Rocket Media’s flexibility lets them focus on business owners and other organizations that need affordable email marketing.

Contact Management

If you’ve been actively advertising your brand and products online you’ve probably collected a group of names, phone numbers, and email addresses. These are a valuable asset to an email marketing strategy because they don’t usually need a “cold” email. In other words, these contacts came in contact with your business and were interested enough to give you their contact information.  With an organized email marketing strategy that is designed with contact management, the email messages can be targeted.  

Your collected contacts didn’t come from a purchased email list, which means they don’t need to be contacted out of the blue. A crucial aspect of contact management is the segmentation of past and potential new customers and where they are in the purchasing journey.  

Measurable Data Through Email Analytics

One of the best things about email marketing is it can be closely monitored and recorded like a snapshot in time. With what’s referred to as email analytics, those who send emails can find out many things about that email message and its journey through cyberspace. With the help of email marketing professionals like Web Rocket Media, your business gains valuable insights into what’s getting attention and what should be tweaked.

Several email analytic data sets are discoverable and usable. You just need to know what to use, how to use it, and where to find it. For example, by including something as simple as a link inside the body text of the email, you can analyze interest in the link based on how many times someone clicked that link. There is much more you can discover. With email analytics you can nudge and influence those that click those links, turning contact information into profit. 


Your business needs email marketing. With its costs remaining relatively low compared to other online advertising services, email marketing remains one of the best ROIs available. Of course, email marketing requires an email marketing strategy. With an email marketing strategy in place, your business will have control over its contacts and how you move them to the shopping cart. 

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