Why Are Infographics So Popular Today?

Over the past few years, infographics have become extremely popular all over the internet. We see them in our social media feeds, blogs we follow, articles we read, the emails we receive, and much more. They’ve completely revolutionized the way we communicate and market information. 


When we create infographics for our clients, we get incredible feedback from their target audience. Infographics will bring plenty of benefits to your marketing, but there are three specific areas where it will excel — providing convenience, dominance with social media, and compatibility with blogging. 


Reader’s Convenience


We like to compare the rise of infographics to the rise of the meme or GIF. Today, we use these to express our feelings through just one photo or a short video. In a way, infographics have done the same thing with information. 


Many people don’t want to read a several-page article to get their information, they want to get it quickly and easily — and an infographic gives it to them. 


The days of going to the library and digging for information are long gone. If you want to catch your reader’s attention, you need to start implementing infographics into your marketing strategy. It’s not just the future, people want easily accessible information right now and you can’t afford to let that opportunity slip.


Social Media Dominance


If you’ve been active on social media, then you’ve certainly seen your fair share of infographics. Think about it, social media is all about the glitz and glamour. The information you share needs to match that appeal.


Instead of just posting a bunch of text and links on social media, you should take a summary of that information and place it into an eye-catching infographic. At that point, it’s not a matter of “if” they see that content, but when they see it. Social media plays a vital role in any business by creating exposure, and more exposure means more opportunity to convert viewers to clients.


Let’s be honest, social media has a way of spreading information quickly. The great thing is you can still share the link you want to direct your followers to, but adding an infographic to that link will increase its effectiveness. 


Compatibility With Blogging


Infographics aren’t just a valuable tool for your social media, but they can be implemented into your blog posts to make them more appealing and easy-to-read. Most blogs would place unnecessary photos throughout the post, but an infographic makes better use of the space you’re given.


When you can find a balance between using your infographics on social media and blog posts, it won’t go unnoticed. You’ll start to separate yourself from your competition and establish yourself as the go-to company in your industry. 


Not to mention how fun they can be — not just to read, but to create! There are plenty of ways to get creative with infographics like utilizing maps, timelines, charts, lists, comparisons, and even a combination of those. There’s really no limit to what an infographic can do.


If you want to be the next company to post that viral infographic that everyone’s talking about, contact Web Rocket Media today!




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