Marketing in the age of the internet comes with many advantages and certain difficulties as well. While the basics of digital marketing are simple enough, the depths of the field can be complicated and feel overwhelming for those who have no training or expertise in the area. In the cases beyond the beginning phases of digital marketing, it may be easier, and in your better interest, to arrange an effective team of digital marketing experts than to try and learn everything on your own.

An effective team of marketing experts can be the perfect launchpad to propel your customer outreach and increase your potential customer base. As there are several different types of digital marketing that each come with their own separate challenges, you will need to know what is needed and who to hire for the job. How do you know what all of these professionals do? Here, we will show you some of the professional jobs that digital marketers do, and how to choose the right expert for that particular job. Here are some of the jobs that digital marketers do and a brief explanation of each one.

  • Email Marketing Manager – Email marketing managers simply manage your company’s email campaigns. They communicate the brand’s services and intentions through a series of well thought out and organized emails. These emails can go both to other brands that you may do business with as well as future customers marketing. Also, they analyze current email marketing campaigns and make recommendations for improvement based on effective trends and strategies. They go on to create and manage trigger email campaigns to maximize sales. Effective email campaigns can bring in a large number of potential clients to your website as well as inform your clients of new products, services, and policies.
  • Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager – Digital marketing managers are responsible for developing and managing marketing campaigns that promote and advertise your company and its services. Marketing/Web managers enhance brand awareness and drive website traffic by acquiring leads. They are also responsible for developing a variety of strategies used in marketing a company’s product online, utilizing social media, understanding and effectively using web analytics to increase customer engagement, and sometimes participate with Email marketing and search engine optimization.
  • Analytics Manager – Analytics managers present information they gather from analytical data that will effectively allow business owners to make successful decision making. They extract and translate raw data into meaningful information that will allow business owners to reach a wider range of customers. This information includes the age range of your current customers in your website traffic as well as the length of time they stay on each page, what they click, how long it takes to click off the site, and other valuable information that will allow you to construct your website in a more user-friendly way and keep your customers on the site for longer, resulting in more sales.
  • Digital Account Manager – As Account Director, through consulting excellence and project management lead strategic account direction to deliver high quality e-business strategies, solutions, tools and services to clients which enable them to achieve their Digital and Internet Marketing objectives.
  • Copywriter – Copywriters create written content for advertising and marketing that will go on your website, emails, blogs, or anywhere else that you need content. They can also create descriptive texts. Copywriters can write either creative, entertainment content and text such as ad jingles, taglines, and other catchy copy, or they can create technical research copy such as job descriptions, product descriptions, white pages, product manuals, etc. on a website. If necessary, copywriters delve into Search Engine Optimization to make the content appear higher in search engines, making your business and website more visible to a broader audience.
  • SEO Manager – A Search Engine Optimization Specialist is responsible for analyzing, reviewing and implementing meta descriptions, title tags, and websites that are optimized to appear first in search engines. By making your website appear first in search engines, more potential customers will see your site and services when searching for that particular service. SEO managers deal with design, layout. and advertising techniques in order to gain the most organic traffic. SEO management requires knowledge of other marketing related jobs and training in fields such as marketing, business, and computer science.
  • Web Developer and Web Designer – Web designers and developers construct the websites that your customers will be interacting with. These web designers build website from the ground up using a variety a coding that suits their skills and the needs of your business. Advanced websites and services require effective web developers. A well laid out and user-friendly website makes it easier for your customers to find what they need and explore your products and services.
  • Social Media Manager – Social media manager create and maintain new marketing campaigns, brand promotions, product spotlights, or product lines for companies on social media sites. They also may manage content while monitoring progress by using web analytic tools. Social media managers also serve as a direct line to customers and viewers by answering questions directly to social media inquiries and interacting with the community via social media. They will stick to whatever company guidelines and use whichever keywords or brand phrases, jingles, and logos that you need.

Who you need to hire is directly dependent on the type of business you have and what type of marketing that will work best with that kind of business. If you plan to operate a business solely online, then you will most certainly need a web developer. If you have a business that is heavily invested in the local community, you will need a social media manager to keep you connected to your customers in said community. The list goes on. Now that you are familiar with the different jobs, and any potential overlap between the expert abilities, you can choose the proper team for your business needs.

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