What are Target Market Strategies? What Does that Mean?

With the explosion of e-commerce in recent years, digital marketing takes on a more significant role. With the billions of e-commerce websites on the internet, how do you reach specific customers? It all depends on the type of marketing. For example, one of the most recognizable words associated with marketing is “target.”

The Target Market

When explaining “what are target market strategies?” one should explain first the meaning of a target market. Said another way, an e-commerce merchant must reach out to her target market, particularly if her e-commerce business has the “niche” classification. From a digital marketing perspective, finding a target market is akin to finding that proverbial needle in a haystack.

According to a well-known business publication, a target market contains “customers…who are most likely to buy from you.” Because of niche market diversification, finding target customers can be complicated. Today, there is no general marketplace. There is a market niche and target market for everything. The critical consideration is figuring out how digital advertising reaches target customers.

Target Market Strategies

When combining “strategies” with “target market,” one realizes specific processes must take place. In other words, strategies are tactics and plans used to complete tasks. Target market strategies have several components and are carefully thought out and expertly executed.

Market Research

An e-commerce business must conduct extensive research about the most likely customers. These days researching geographical and demographical information about a target market is not enough. For instance, if you have a roof gutter business, you’ll want homeowners visiting your site.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

One helpful strategy is segmentation. After initial research into your target market, you should narrow down the focus. While demographics, psychographics, geographics, and behavioral characteristics are good starting places, think of these four segments as branches on a tree: 

Demographics would include, among others, age and gender. Psychographics would consist of things like values and opinions. Geographics refers to a location. Remember the show TV show with the zip code 90210? This is Beverly Hills. Finally, behavioral characteristics look at things such as customer loyalty and buying habits. Naturally, an e-commerce business wants to attract people that buy things online.

Market Positioning

As part of the target marketing strategies, a digital marketer will develop a plan that positions your e-commerce business in places where target customers visit online. This marketing plan begins with crafting a clear message that gets a customer’s attention. This message reaches the target customers in numerous ways. For example, email campaigns, SEO research, and social media messages are a few of the more common messaging platforms.

Closing Thoughts

Target marketing strategies are planned processes and tactics that help e-commerce businesses find their target customers. The professional digital marketers at Web Rocket Media are experts at target marketing strategies. From SEO to blogging, from email and social media advertising campaigns to website development, Web Market Media is your one-stop target marketing strategy expert

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