Ways that Dentists Benefit from Having Excellent Social Media Marketing

The use of social media has exploded in recent years, led in part by the human desire to be part of social groups. While Facebook and other platforms use algorithms that encourage group social cohesion, the online marketing world has learned how to use those same algorithms for eCommerce benefits. 

If you have, or are responsible for, running a dentist’s office, you know how important friendly and sociable employees are to facilitating pleasant patient dental experiences. Savvy dental offices realize many people hate going to the dentist. By providing friendly, happy environments, dentists better help patients cope with any anxiety.

Social Media Can Make the Dentist a Stress-Free Place to Go

Dentists benefit from social media marketing because of the group environment social media helps enhance. Broadly, this environment is stress-free and should mirror some of the physical aspects of going to the dentist. A happy, stress-free place to go is a benefit of social media marketing.

That said, there are more benefits from having excellent social media marketing, the kind of benefits the experts at Web Rocket Media specialize in creating.

Brand-Awareness and Sincerity

Dentists need to be sincere, as this can impact their brand. Because the dental profession receives negative attention from those that hate going to the dentist, dental offices must work to turn negatives into positives. From a dentist’s perspective, long-term dental health is a motivator. But patients view pain as a short-term problem.

Conversely, from some patients’ perspectives, dentists cause pain and hardship. Social media marketing helps dentists brand their practices as places where patients have little to no pain or discomfort. From a selling perspective, associating “no pain” and “dentist” in the same sentence does raise some eyebrows.

Social Media Helps Dentists Be Relatable to Their Patients

Social media marketing helps dentists be relatable to their patients and their families. Dental offices must advertise locally because a dentist is a “local business,” as per Google’s search guidelines.

If any of your patients drive by your office every day on their way home, work, or go anywhere, they will know you’re a local dentist. While knowing there is a dentist close to home might be in the back of a local resident’s mind, his knowledge will come to the surface when a family member needs a dentist. Your geographical location begins the process of relatability.

Social media marketing continues the relatability process by engaging in campaigns that make the dentist “feel” like a neighbor. Once you feel like a neighbor, people in your neighborhood should be more apt to go to your dental office when they need to.

Produce Relatable Content

It’s one thing to enjoy brand awareness coupled with relatability. Dental offices need social media marketing that uses content that strengthens and/or encourages safety and comfort. Consequently, producing relatable content is a matter of hiring the professionals at Web Rocket Media.

Social media marketing requires content that gets attention and keeps it. Although any type of media for any reason can go viral without explanation, dentists need to produce content that gets local attention from those needing a dentist.

One thing that should be considered is the three main ways people learn. These are, visually, by listening, and by doing as in tactile movements. Some examples of relatable content include:

  • Videos—Watching short video clips of dental-based experts adds credibility to your social media feed.
  • Blogs—Guest blog posts written by experts make great material for links inside social media posts. This way, the user decides whether to read the blog or not.
  • Podcasts—Podcasts are lesser-known and used in the advertising world. Lucky for us, Web Rocket Media does a weekly podcast.

 Dental Focused Social Media Marketing Encourages Learning

Many of the negative views regarding dentists come from overhype. Consequently, dentists need to be proactive with neighbors by working to dislodge the overhype. Dentists are the captains of their dental office ships. However, the entire dental office would benefit from an educational approach to a social media presence.

The number of learning opportunities available to dental offices for social media presence is expansive. It depends on the marketing needs and imagination. For example, many dental patients fear root canals. The local dental office could run a series of social media posts about root canals.

Meanwhile, the social media marketing campaign works in the background to get new patients into your clinic. The main hook could be a savings offer or another perk for choosing them as a dental provider.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists Saves Money

As a dentist or someone who runs a dental clinic, you know how much advertising can cost in today’s digital spaces. Thankfully, there are some things you can do right away to start advertising on your social media feeds.

First, sign up for free accounts on Facebook’s Business Group profile pages. Second, sign up for a free Google My Business Account. Once you do this, Google knows your business. It also puts a spot for your business on Google Maps.

Finally, contact Web Rocket Media and learn how they can leverage your new Facebook and Google accounts for your online marketing needs. You’ll find it’s one of the best ways to get your dental office noticed in your area.


Today, it seems like everybody participates in one or more social media platforms every day. While the algorithms that bring people of like minds together on these platforms might seem malicious at times, online advertisers use the same algorithms to attract potential customers.

When it comes to online advertising for dentists, social media marketing might be the best choice. Social media marketing is of great value to create a local market position. It gives dentists an educational forum, produces relatable content, and fosters brand awareness for dental practice sincerity.

Call Web Rocket Media today and discover the best team available. Their advertising experts leverage your social media feeds against an advertising campaign that will bring in new patients.  

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