When you look at it, the number of people on social media websites can be quite astonishing and as such, they’re considered to be a marketing professional’s paradise. To give you an idea just how staggering it is, the website, Statista, estimates that Facebook has more than 2.2 billion active users, about half of which log on to their accounts on a daily basis, and Twitter has close to 68 million active users. This is only a flicker of the billions of active social media accounts your customers are using all around the globe. With these kinds of numbers, marketing professionals can swim in an ocean of prospects.


The best way to direct traffic from search engines to your websites is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. However, the requirements for successfully doing so continue to evolve. Today, updating your blog regularly, distributing links that lead back to your website, and optimizing your website’s meta descriptions and title tags are no longer enough to ensure good rankings. But because the strongest product or service brands tend to rely heavily on social media for marketing and promotion, Google and other search engines may consider social media presence as one of those factors that weigh heavily in terms of ranking websites for certain keyword searches. There is, in fact, a overabundance of data that supports the idea that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines do consider social media accounts when determining where your business will stand. For this reason alone, social media presence for SEO is well worth creating and utilizing.

If you would like your business to rank well in keyword searches you will need to signal to search engines that your product or service is trustworthy and respected. To pull that off, your business needs to be daily active on social media.


If you don’t use social media, the inbound traffic for your product’s or service’s website can be drastically limited to parties who are looking for keywords where your site currently ranks or people who may already be acquainted with your product or service. Each and every profile you create on social media can be a budding path that guides people to your business’s website, and every content you post can provide new opportunities for brand new site visitors. The more social media sites you take the time to utilize effectively, the more conversions you can expect to gain.


If you think that you really won’t lose out on much if you don’t utilize social media for your business, think again. For one, it’s highly possible that your competitors, especially in NYC, are already using it for their advantage – over you! What this means is that the amount of potential traffic and corresponding conversions you can conceivably tap may already be taken from you. In product or brand positioning, the innovator normally has the upper hand. Maybe it’s time to reach out to specialists who can help you gain new ground in marketing your product or service and release the potential that lies right beneath the surface.

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