Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made some great strides in recent years, and it has become a key medium for digital marketing. AI is already being used in everything from push notifications to click tracking; it can even create content now. Using AI in your digital marketing can shape your consumer’s experience and help make them feel like the brand is built specifically for them.

A study conducted by Blueshift showed that 26 percent of digital marketers are using AI for campaign optimization, and 28 percent are using it for product recommendations. A Forrester’s Global State of Artificial Intelligence Online Survey showed that 44 percent of companies are using AI to improve upon their existing products and services.

You do not need to use AI just to help you increase sales, it can also help make improvements to your customer service. The Forrester’s Survey showed that 57 percent of businesses use AI to improve their customer service and support.

AI can also help businesses with personalized advertising, something that has become a popular marketing trend. An online survey showed that 67 percent of marketers said that AI is helping their companies deliver personalized headlines and ads; another 66 percent said they think AI delivers personalized ad formats and initiates creative personalized advertising. Another 64 percent believe that by 2020, AI will be able to deliver real-time personalized ads and optimized message targeting.

Even though there are huge benefits to using AI, not many businesses are using it yet. An online AI survey showed that only 14 percent of digital marketers have implemented the use of AI into their marketing strategies.

With the rise in popularity of image searches, AI can help give you the upper hand in marketing. If you use high-quality images of all of your products — or at least a large amount of them — and make sure they are labeled for SEO optimization, you can rise in the search results for those products. Getting comfortable with this now will help give you an edge as machine learning becomes more popular.

AI can scour your business’ online databases faster and give you insights that will help your business flourish. It analyzes consumer’s search patterns and online behaviors, looking at everything from social media to search engine use, and help a business get a better understanding of how their customers find their products. It is also used in this way to link products consumers have previously purchased to ones they may be interested in. When you look at or purchase a specific product online, and the next day you see that same product by other companies, or something similar to that product, popping up in your social media and online ads, that is the work of AIs and machine learning.

A clothing retailer using AI can allow customers to “try on” clothes with the aid of augmented reality. This will help you get higher engagement online, and it will help lower returns and unsatisfied customers.

AI is continuing to improve and grow, so implementing it into your digital marketing can help your business flourish.

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