SEO for Beauty Industry Businesses That Move the Needle

As a quickly growing market, those in the beauty industry know that they need to be more competitive – especially when it comes to online sales. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can help make you more searchable online, increase traffic to your website, and garner you more sales. 

SEO in the era of influencers

In this new era of influencers on social media, you might be asking yourself, is it even worth it to invest my marketing budget into SEO? The answer is a resounding yes. Influencers have cornered the market of making money off of their posts for luxury cosmetics, eco-friendly shampoo bars, and trips to spas and salons from their huge following on social media sites like Instagram. They’ve become trusted brand ambassadors and their posts directly correlate to increased purchases.

Build Credibility

If you’ve chosen to work with influencers, one of the key components is to build credibility with your business, brand, and products – and that’s where SEO for beauty industry businesses comes in. If a potential customer goes to Google to search for a product they saw an influencer promoting, but can’t find it, they won’t trust that your business is legitimate.

Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic due to influencers linking to your site won’t can give you a bump in website visits, but it’s not sustainable. In the long run, this won’t change your organic site traffic much, so it’s important to incorporate SEO into your website to improve your rankings on Google’s pages. The more visits you receive, the more Google’s algorithms will “trust” your site, and therefore, will move you to (hopefully) the front page.

Organize your SEO

Although working with influencers for that little boost of traffic to your website is nice, gaining consistent traction by incorporating SEO into the coding of your site is optimal.

Choose appropriate keywords

When writing content for your website, think of the end-user, your potential customer. What will they be searching for? How can you describe your products and/or services? Using appropriate keywords injected into the copy on your website will help you display higher in the rankings pages if your users search for that specific content.

Optimize your website

Optimizing your website to a well-designed user interface that’s compatible for desktop and mobile and has user-friendly options for shopping helps keep visitors on your website to complete their purchases.

Publish quality content

It’s ideal to have a blog section on your website because it’s continually updated with content where you can share beauty tips, product reviews, etc. which can, in turn, help increase your traffic.

Google My Business

If you have a flagship store, you should immediately register with Google My Business. This will help potential customers find you, read reviews, see your contact information, and see pictures of your business.

If you’re in the beauty industry and looking to be more searchable and implement SEO on your website, or have any questions on why this is important, contact Web Rocket Media today.

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