SEO for B2B Services: Is it the Same as Everything Else or are There Specific Issues to Address?

With businesses moving online, making sure your website is optimized for SEO is essential for marketing your business online. Your customers readily turn to search engines like Google for questions, concerns, or advice. However, SEO for a B2B business like yours is much different than your standard B2C company.

Business-to-business customers are different from business-to-consumer customers in that the shoppers are buying on behalf of their companies, not themselves. Their needs and problems are more complicated and usually under more scrutiny, with little room for mistakes and wasted purchases. Optimizing your content for these specific situations helps improve your site’s SEO strategy.

B2B Services Keywords are More Specific

B2B customers begin their search with a clearer understanding of what they’re looking for – whether it be a product or solution to a problem. B2B customers also have a better understanding of the industry, so they know they have other options and solutions available to them, leading them to use more specific phrases or keywords when searching.

Conducting keyword research will show you the industry-specific phrases or words you’ll want to target in your copy and descriptions. These SEO keywords are going to reference solutions that your potential customer needs and can include industry-specific jargon that only customers with experience in the field would understand.

B2B Searches May Have Multiple Users

B2C customers generally shop for themselves, their family and household, or friends. You can target your SEO content to one buyer looking for one specific solution. However, B2B customers are generally from different industries, but need the same solution. Your marketing content and copy need to reflect the different starting points your leads are coming from. 

Along with the different starting points, different employees will have their own opinions on what the company needs and can afford. A CFO and Director of Marketing could both recognize that their company needs to be more efficient, but will likely look at the problems and potential solutions from different viewpoints. Your SEO needs to be able to work within all the different ways people are searching online.

It’s ideal to consider what the influencers or decision-makers are looking for, and adjust your SEO to those problems and your solutions. In doing this, you’ll also want to take into account the end-user of the decisions, because they will be the ones actually using your solution.

B2B Services SEO Fosters Long-Term Relationships

A B2B company’s SEO strategy needs to be flexible due to the number of decision-makers and price tag of the solution. Generally, B2B companies will research extensively before purchasing, so by including SEO content that builds trust and industry authority. You’re showing your potential customers that you’re established and knowledgeable. Connecting with your audience during the buying process through keywords shows you’re in it for the long-haul with them, and they are more likely to be repeat customers. 

If you’re looking to optimize your SEO for your B2B services, contact Web Rocket Media today.

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