Responsive Web Design vs Mobile Friendly: What Do These Terms Mean for my Business?

Whether you’re looking to design your website either for the first time, or because you want to update it, you need to know about some of the biggest things that are factored into the design – with the main one being user experience. With more and more people using their phones as their internet devices, optimizing your website to be responsive or mobile friendly is key.

Responsive Web Design

A website that is built with responsive web design means that the website’s layout will change based on the screen size of the user. The content is more dynamic with images that are optimized and is reliant on a mobile device’s operating system to function. When your website is built with responsive web design, you can view the website on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device and everything will stay cohesive. For example, if on a desktop, you have three columns of text, on mobile, it will be one column that is easy for the user to read. If you want to know if your website is a responsive web design, pull it up in your browser, and adjust the size of the window. If your content moves around so it fits the window size, then it’s responsive. responsive web design will react with the user’s experience in mind, and enhances the usability of your website, no matter what the device you’re using is.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile friendly websites function the same way across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile), despite the device being used. Mobile friendly websites do not change in terms of layout, only in scale of the website. Features like dropdown boxes can be difficult to use on mobile friendly sites.

Which One Should You Choose for Your Business?

As more and more people look to their phones on the go, or sitting on their couch, you’ll want a website that works to reach them on their phones. An important factor to consider is that Google will rank desktop sites below mobile sites when ranking for SEO purposes. This means that Google will show a user mobile friendly sites that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices ranking higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) than those that aren’t. When deciding how you want to build your website, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What is my website’s purpose?
  2. What do I want the end goal of my visitors to my website to be?
  3. Which device do I expect visitors to my website to use?

We, at Web Rocket Media, feel that developing a responsive web design for your website is the way to go. While a large percentage of the traffic to your website is coming from mobile devices, mobile friendly websites aren’t very user friendly at all, despite the name. Contact Web Rocket Media today to go over your options for how to design your website and see how we can help you meet your goals.

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