Remarketing for Today’s E-commerce World

As a small business owner, you’ve probably spent many hours trying to understand how to find customers. This inevitably leads you to online marketing. One option available to you is hiring an online marketing agency like Web Rocket Media to handle your business’s marketing. Another option is doing automated marketing using one of the many apps available. 

Unfortunately, these and other initial marketing efforts may not be enough. Your marketing will need to evolve with the dynamic nature of doing business online. Your business will need a plan for “remarketing” that goes beyond tracking cookies. Today’s remarketing strategies must change with the e-commerce world. In this world, customers lose interest quickly.

Not a “Do-Over” but a Recycle

When you think of remarketing, the first thing that comes to mind is redoing part or all of a marketing strategy. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. In actuality, remarketing has a specific meaning for the development of marketing strategies. Online marketing should be completed in stages to facilitate adjustments. For example, you don’t want to send the same advertising message to an existing customer and a new customer. You wouldn’t send the same advertisements to existing customers that you send potential customers. 

Some tend to use remarketing interchangeably with the word retargeting. This is the wrong way to see the relationship between the two actions. Retargeting and remarketing are separate marketing techniques. Knowing the difference between the two words from an online marketing perspective helps us understand how to use both techniques to attract customers.

Cookies and More 

Google’s advertising universe defines remarketing as targeting those that showed interest in your product or brand by visiting a place on the internet, usually a website. Have you ever visited a web page looking at something you’re thinking of buying, then visited your social media feeds only to discover ads for the website you just visited? More than likely it was a tracking cookie that alerts the web browser about what websites you visit. That is remarketing, and if done in conjunction with other techniques the ROI can be quite favorable. 

For example, with an email marketing strategy, you can see $42 back for every dollar spent on advertising. This high ROI comes in part from sending emails to people who already showed interest in your product or service. Or when not to send emails. For instance, existing customers usually get a different type of message. When used with a contact list targeted emails have the potential for high ROI.

Remarketing or Retargeting?

The easiest distinction to make between remarketing and retargeting is the type of outreach. Remarketing focuses on potential customers that have already shown some interest. Google Ads defines remarketing as customizing ads for those who already viewed your website.  

In comparison, retargeting focuses on potential customers who weren’t influenced by previous advertising campaigns. Ideally, marketing campaigns should have both Remarketing and retargeting strategies that utilize the best marketing tools available. 

3 Remarketing Strategies to Help your Business Find Customers 

Remarketing works best when it’s part of a larger marketing strategy. For instance, remarketing is good for maintaining brand awareness, a key element of staying relevant online.

Use Google Ads

As was already mentioned, web browsers use tracking cookies to target users with ads related to websites they already viewed. Google uses a specific code you can enable in your website that tells the browser to show a specific ad. This function is part of the Google Ad Network they labeled “Remarketing.” 

There are some things that business owners can do to manage their Google Ads account. However, getting in touch with the experts at Web Rocket Media and having them manage your Google Ads account will take your advertising needs to the next level.

Remarketing and Email Marketing

Remarketing identifies those unknown users who showed even the slightest interest in your website. The key is turning those unknown users into contacts. Once your business has a contact list, your can start sending targeted emails. There are a number of ways to build a contact list. For example, creating something of value that users want where they need to fill out a form.

Of course, for remarketing email marketing to work the contact list must be up-to-date. Otherwise, you could be wasting time sending messages to dead email addresses. Once you have an up-to-date contact list you can start segmenting your recipients to receive messages based on where they are in the buying decision process.  

Segmentation helps increase sales because you target buyers based on their online behavior. Just visiting one page on a website for a few seconds doesn’t mean the same as spending a view more seconds than it takes to look at several pages. 

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook approaches remarketing similar to how Google does it. The difference is Facebook tracks user behavior in a popular social media platform while Google tracks people who visit web pages. Consequently, Facebook remarketing adds a layer of personalization that Google doesn’t. The result is the ability to hyper-target Facebook users with display ads.

Some Final Thoughts

You may have noticed that the three strategies listed above fit into a group that includes much of the internet. This includes the web, email messaging, and social media. Although Both Google and Facebook utilize smart algorithms and machine learning to predict human behavior, they aren’t the only ones. Thus, remarketing is actually the norm, not the exception. Online marketing needs a team of marketing experts that understand how to use marketing tools like Google Analytics. 

From marketing to remarketing and more, online advertising needs a team of professional marketers that know the complexities of online advertising. The experts at Web Rocket Media focus on the complete advertising picture. From Google Ads and Facebook to email marketing, contact Web Rocket Media for your marketing need today. 

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