Online Retail and TikTok: How Your Business Could Benefit From Using TikTok

Have you heard the latest TikTok news? TikTok has emerged as a leading player in social media. As a social media app, TikTok learned from the other social media apps what works and what doesn’t. Users love short video clips more than they love photos, resulting in video-selfie culture advertisers can tap into. 

The World Loves TikTok

Versatility has emerged as one of the most surprising aspects of today’s social media-based advertising campaigns. When combined with online-specific delivery, social media ads can be presented across a wide-ranging group of platforms, all designed to do slightly different things in a social capacity. 

To put things into a larger social media perspective, let’s take a look at the social media statistics forecasted for 2022. Then we’ll discuss how your business could benefit from TikTok’s unique brand of social media advertising.  

  • As of January 2022, there were 17 social media platforms with 300 million or more active users.
  • 2021 saw the number of active social media users increase by more than 420 million.
  • Globally, there are more than 4.6 billion active social media users representing more than 58 % of the Earth’s population.
  • There are an estimated 13 new social media users every second.
  • Data show that users spend an average of 145 minutes per day on social media apps.

There are many more statistics that show the same trends–social media apps are the most popular gathering places on the web and the internet.

TikTok’s Rising Popularity

It seems like yesterday that one U.S. President attempted to ban TikTik from being downloaded inside the United States, only to have the next U.S. President reverse the ban. Of course, PR 101 tells us that kind of publicity on a global scale can only lead to good things. While this seems to be the case with TikTok, the social media platform focuses on short video clips in a unique way that rivals Instagram. 

5 Amazing TikTok Stats for 2022

  • Sometime in 2022, TikTik should surpass the 1.5 billion active monthly users milestone
  • There are 200 million active TikTok users in India
  • As of 2021, TikTok was the 7th most popular social media platform, ahead of Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Pinterest, and even Snapchat.
  • TikTok has some of the highest user engagement numbers because of its video clip focused algorithms
  • Active U.S. users have grown by 800% since January 2018

The most recent demographics about those who use TikTok show that almost 50% of users are aged 10-29. This indicates that TikTok is limited in the population you can reach with a TikTok advertising campaign.

A Brief Introduction to TikTok

Although we’ve spent time explaining why a business should think about TikTok as a platform for social media advertising campaigns, many may not even know what TikTok is beyond what they’ve heard in the news. All social media platforms have unique features that attract users. TikTok’s primary feature is 15-second video clips.

Whereas older social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter needed to participate in developing users’ habits, TikTok has not needed this time to discover its hook. Thus, when TikTok’s 15-second video clip format first hit the internet in 2016, audiences were ready. The length is now 30 seconds and you can combine video clips for longer clips. 

TikTok was developed with the point of sharing video clips among social groups. Once a TikTok user shares a video clip, the content description and other metadata become part of the search algorithm that matches content with keyword searches inside the app. As a TikTok user shares more and more clips, the app learns what the users want to see. Users swipe up to see new videos.

TikTok’s entire social media model was developed around user habits and short video clips. Traditionally, making and uploading video clips required knowledge about things like video editing. TikTok makes everyone a movie producer with built-in tools that edit and enhance their videos in seconds so they can be shared in near real-time with friends.

TikTok is good at setting trends around these short video clips. And if a TikTok trend gets into the mainstream cultural trends that sweep throughout our digital society, anything associated with it will be popularized for a brief time. If a business can get one of those trending video clips into America’s cultural lexicon, sales will increase.      

Fast Guide to TikTok For Business

Taking the lead of Facebook and others, TikTok developed a business side that businesses can use to advertise to their TikTok followers. The business side of TikTok advertises that it will tap into your business’s creative side. While this might prompt raised eyebrows among some business owners, those businesses that cater to the 18-30 market will benefit from TikTok for business.

TikTok makes it simple to start using their platform for advertising. Simply visit their website and get started. Once there, you’ll answer a few questions about your business like your business size and what you want out of TikTok. Then you’ll be prompted to use their TikTok Ads Manager, a tool for creating TikTok video ads that can be shared with followers. For a fast track to getting up and running with TikTok Ads, follow these 6-steps.

Closing Thoughts

Social media has emerged as a leading digital space for online advertising. TikTok created a social media platform that helps create a viral following for anything. The best way to take advantage of TikTok’s ad capabilities comes from hiring an online advertising agency that knows how to create and run TikTok Ads. Web Rocket Media has skilled social media experts that can get your brand noticed on TikTok. Call today and explore how TikTok can help your brand go viral.

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