Why Should you Consider SEO for Your Long Island New York Business?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is critical to having your business be seen on the search engines, preferably on page one of Google. Today, the end user is all about convenience. They look to their mobile devices in search of instant answers. Heck, even Google eliminated the right rail in paid advertisements to emulate more of a mobile look and feel on a desktop! The world is going mobile. If your SEO isn’t up to snuff for your desktop and mobile device, then your site is going to be in serious trouble.

A few things to consider as we move to May of 2016.

1. Google will be releasing another mobile algorithm which could potentially hurt you rankings. If your mobile site is not responsive design and does not have good content that is easy to navigate, your rankings might plummet.

2. If you don’t have a mobile site, then stop reading this blog and start creating one. At this point every website should have a mobile site right there next to it.

3. Make sure you have no more than a .5 second load time if possible. The longer your load time, the harder it is for the robots to crawl your site. Why? They aren’t going to sit around waiting forever to crawl your site as they have millions of others to crawl, including your competitors!
4. If you don’t include clear calls to action, your user will get frustrated. Make things easy and show all the juicy links front and center.

5. Test, test, test! If you don’t test your site including the messaging, links and functionality, then you’ll never know what works.

6. Ugly is Better? Sometimes the ugliest sites have the best ranks on page 1 of Google. How is that even possible? Sometimes it’s not the way a site looks aesthetically, but rather what lives in its contents. If the on page SEO is stellar, and the content is always new and engaging, the ugly really takes a backseat. Some designers get so caught up in the pretty colors, they neglect to focus on the functionality, SEO and everything else that makes the site rank high.

7. Consider using https. A secure site will always win over a non-secure site, just saying.

8.Don’t assume you are the customer; you’re not. You might think you know your customers, but at the end of the day let the voice of the customer speak to you. Listen to what your customers say on sales calls and integrate them into your marketing plans. Customers will openly tell you what they liked or disliked about your website especially for e-commerce purposes. They will also tell you what they couldn’t find or why they would love t see something on the site that currently isn’t there. Take notes, your customers matter.
9. Stop changing your site every week. How are you going to know what works if you constantly make changes to it? Give it a few weeks to a month before you decide to make dramatic changes on your site and look at your analytics to help pick up on trends and anomalies.

10. Make sure your brand is cohesive across all websites. The colors, logos, everything should match.

Remember, our sites are always a work in progress and Google tends to keep us on our toes, so don’t get to focused on one thing and miss what matters. Being on page one for SEO purposes matters. If you are looking to rank your site locally for SEO, or you need web design and other services in Long Island New York or throughout the United States, let WRM know so we can help you!

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