What is brand awareness? Business Dictionary defines it as:

The extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product. Expressed usually as a percentage of target market, brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising in the early months or years of a product’s introduction.

Brand awareness is important when launching new products and services. It drives consumers’ decisions when deciding between competing companies in NYC, Long Island and beyond. It encourages repeat purchases and leads to an increase in market share and overall sales. Brand awareness is also very important to businesses that are using social media as a marketing platform.


Brand Awareness Through Technology and Social Media

Because we are in an era of constant expansions in technology, brand awareness is especially important for a business. Because most people always have some type of computer within reach, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop or desktop, this means they are able to quickly communicate with others in a matter of seconds.

Your business can use this to its advantage. It all comes down to how you go about using it and adapting to the rapidly changing technological advances. Being proactive in brand building through social media will lead to a better brand experience for existing customers while turning prospective customers into loyal brand followers.


The Motivation For Repeat Purchases

According to ISPO news, “90 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. We use mental shortcuts to skip the process and avoid being overwhelmed by the number of available options from competitors.” With a good marketing campaign focused on your brand and business model, you will more effectively narrow in on your target audience and encourage them to feel connected to and empowered by your brand.  Brand awareness affects perceptions and attitudes, which drive brand choice and even brand loyalty. To put it bluntly, without brand awareness, repeat purchases are not likely.


An Increase in the Market Share and Sales

By building brand awareness, you can also increase your market share. According to the Strategic Planning Institute,  “Aggressive marketing and advertising, are the key factors in increasing brand awareness and converting awareness into market share.” Brand awareness does not have a financial value on its own, but it is part of the collective marketing effort that drives incremental sales.

There are many ways you can go about boosting brand awareness with the consumers of your product or service. Remember, making a brand mean something to consumers when they look at it is just as important as the sales pitch. Your marketing strategies may change from year-to-year, but a consistent brand message will help make your business memorable when your target market is comparison shopping.

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