How to Promote a Law Firm on Social Media and Get Results

Social media is a technology-enabled phenomenon few people saw coming. According to a survey conducted from 2008 to 2019, social media use in the U.S. is steadily rising. In 2019, the number of Americans who used social media was around 247 million or 79 percent. [i] As society moves farther into 2021, that number is probably higher and will continue rising. Moreover, given the pandemic, more people are staying home and using social media to connect with friends and keep up with what’s happening globally. 

There is the social side of connecting with friends via social media platforms. The trick is to become part of the social side. Online advertising agencies that promote law firms utilize promotional items such as whitepapers and ebooks. These items are geared toward providing advice. A significant number of leads come from word of mouth via social media feeds. Thus, with social media targeting, you can focus on specific groups of people. Consequently, features such as “share” and “retweet” take word of mouth to another level. 

Using Social Media to Find Legal Advice

A good example of word of mouth via social media feeds can be found in the legal field. Potential law firm business comes from at least two direct sources. One is one friend communicating to their social media friends the excellent job their lawyer did for them. The other comes from people seeking out answers to legal questions.

Provide a Public Service by Using News Stories to Advertise Your Firm’s Specialty

Legal firms can use their social media accounts to highlight specific news stories related to their legal expertise. This can be combined with tips and a link back to the legal firm’s webpage. The person that writes the posts needs to be careful not to criticize or spread misinformation. Additionally, it is a good idea to post various types of posts so that social media audiences stay engaged. For example, add videos to the whitepapers and ebooks.

Make Sure the Advertising Agency You Use knows Your Firm’s Specialty

When a law firm uses social media for promotional reasons, a one-size-fits-all agency won’t cut it. The agency you choose needs to know how to reach those that will seek out your specific specialty. This takes knowledge of how social media works at the local level. The social media experts at Web Rocket Media have perfected the use of social media platforms for advertising purposes. They will develop a plan and put you where your customers hang out.


Using social media to promote your law firm requires experts that know how to run social media-based advertising campaigns. The talented professionals at Web Rocket Media understand how social media works to connect people at the local level. They have the expertise to develop personalized social media posts that potential clients will find useful. Simply put, Web Rocket Media puts the media in social, so you can focus on practicing law.  


[i] Tankovska, H. “Share of U.S. population who use social media 2008-2019.” Statista, 28 Jan. 2020,


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