With all the news swirling around about Facebook, is it still worth the time and effort to use as a marketing tool? If your primary goal is to reach the broadest network possible or if you’re just starting out in terms of building your products’ or services’ presence, then Facebook is still the best social media platform for you. While it has been losing its traction with the younger users, an astounding 70% of adults who regularly go online still enthusiastically use this social media platform, making it the most popular one as of today. And more than just having the most number of users, Facebook is also the one with the highest level of engagement as shown by it being the most frequently used social media site.


The Numbers

According to the analytics firm comScore, Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly visitors. It is the highest-read social network on the Web, with over 20 billion visitors per month.


The Diversity

So many people of various diverse age groups, from children on up through senior citizens, utilize Facebook on almost a daily basis. Many of them also spend hours each day investing in their Facebook lives through games, chatting, or simply browsing things they and their friends “like.”


The Potential

Facebook has become an active social hub that can be an excellent place to reach a very wide audience and to get your foot in the door if you are still small and need to spread some general awareness of your business goals and products.


The Limitation

One possible limitation or drawback to using Facebook for social media marketing is that people use Facebook primarily to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Since engagement is the primary objective for most Facebook users, it may not necessarily be the most effective social media platform to promote your products or services. A potential way to limit this drawback exists if you can master the art of presenting your company in a friendly, homey sort of manner. Something that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed might allow you to better work your way into their social circles and connect with them on a more personal level than could otherwise be accomplished. The diversity and ubiquity offered by Facebook make it a good starting point well worth considering but hardly the only offer that social media has to offer you.


The Results

Whatever the platform, Web Rocket Media will provide the help you need to achieve results. We offer basic starter packages to help you gain traffic to your site through targeted keywords and we work to help you convert your new leads. Additionally we do offer customized packages to suit your specific needs beyond the basic packages.

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