How Consumer Behavior Affects Marketing Strategy

The behavior of your consumers directly impacts the type of marketing strategy that your company should be doing. Studies, surveys, and market analysis all contribute to successfully figuring out your consumers’ behavior. So, when you want to know how consumer behavior affects marketing strategy, and what you can do with that data, look no further.

Understand how your consumers feel

In today’s world of information immediately at your fingertips and next-day shipping, it’s clear that nowadays consumers seek convenience – from finding your product all the way through the final checkout process. If you’re an online retailer, your consumer is going to want tactical and efficient marketing. You should ask yourself, “what does my consumer want?” Convenience, while topping the list, isn’t the only thing. 

Consumers base their purchasing decisions on how they feel, or why they think they need this product. Your marketing initiatives and strategy need to reflect that, or you’ll lose the sale before they’re able to read up on the product specifications.

Know what your consumers are influenced by

The biggest way to gain new customers, or have repeating customers, is by understanding that your consumers are influenced by their environment. The environment could be that they or a friend/ family member are happy with an item previously purchased from you, reading reviews on your website for the product, or need this item to solve a problem they’re having.

Look at the behavior of your consumer while they shop

The behavior of your consumer while they shop is probably one of the more difficult things to understand. Some consumers can be described as “information gatherers,” where they make their purchasing decisions based on ranking and researching. Others are ready to purchase right now. Most business owners want these consumers to be directed to their site immediately because of the quick sale, but the behaviors of the research buyers are the ones driving your marketing strategy. Are you noticing an uptick in views of the product description, but the sales are not completing? Try adjusting the copy on the page to give your consumers the information they’re seeking – you’ll find that you’re covering all of your bases with each type of consumer this way.

Know the importance of ranking products for your consumer

It’s easier to rank products online than it is in stores, because with a few clicks of the mouse, you can move the products you want to showcase to the front page. However, because the physical product isn’t in front of the buyer, they can take more time to pause and question if this is something that they really need. Adjusting your marketing strategy to show your customer what benefits it can provide to their life can increase sales.

Marketing to the right customer is important, but knowing why they’re making the purchase is essential to your strategy. If you’re looking to update your marketing strategy to your consumer behaviors, or have any questions on why this is important, contact Web Rocket Media today.


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