How Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Helps Attract New Patients

Social media supports specific digital world-only activity—virtually. While we use our fingers to post content to social media platforms, digital activity refers to information and ideas spread virtually through social media.

This virtual forum, supported by social media platforms, is an ideal way to sell stuff. However, only experienced professionals know the “what, when, and how” behind conducting effective social media ad campaigns.

How many people can chiropractic social media marketing reach? The numbers are eye-popping. In July 2021, there were 4.85 billion people actively participating on several social media apps. This number is about 57% of the global population.

Chiropractor Focused Marketing

Using social media marketing for chiropractors, clinics and offices have tools for creating successful online presences. Social media helps chiropractor clinics and offices tell their stories. These stories come alive with relevance for those who believe they could benefit from receiving chiropractic services with brand awareness. 

One unfortunate aspect of chiropractic-focused marketing is the amount of misinformation associated with these important healthcare providers. Chiropractor practices and practitioners that offer services should follow guidelines offered by the American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) Code of Ethics.

Chiropractic social media marketing attracts new customers through specific content created for potential patients. For example, chiropractors can create professional videos using a professional digital marketing agency like Web Rocket Media.

There is a significant following of people who view chiropractic services videos. Some people consider these videos Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) related content. This market niche is popular among people that seek treatment. An effective ASMR has been described as a tingling sensation along the manipulated nerve endings.

While the usefulness of ASMRs in chiropractic treatment is debatable, some believe it. In other words, despite any misinformation, people will seek chiropractic treatment. The ASMR niche is worth tapping into. With an agency such as Web Rocket Media by your side, you’ll have new patients in no time.

The Best Social Media Apps for Chiropractors

Keep in mind; chiropractors need to tell their stories. Not all social media apps are good for telling chiropractic stories. Twitter and Pinterest are suitable for storytelling chiropractic stories because people don’t typically go on these apps for information about chiropractic services.

Something else to keep in mind is how involved you must be to create and run a successful social media chiropractic marketing campaign. The chiropractor must be making daily posts that help attract new patients. Why not hire Web Rocket Media to make those daily posts for you?

These social media apps are the best for running a chiropractic social media marketing campaign that will attract new patients:

Facebook – From a chiropractic social media marketing outlook, Facebook might be the most challenging social media app for attracting new patients. It can be done. However, it takes an advertising team like Web Rocket Media that specializes in running long-term social media marketing campaigns. The list below contains ways chiropractors can use Facebook.

  1. Set up your Facebook business page – Facebook has its own agenda, and they use advertising algorithms much like the ones Google uses. Just like Google My Business pages, Facebook has something similar but based on their social media template. Thus, a chiropractor should set up a Facebook Business Page.
  2. Keep patients up to date – Chiropractor’s offices operate much like doctor’s offices. Using daily Facebook postings will keep communication lines open between your patients and your practice.
  3. Use Facebook to promote expert content – Creating media that attracts new patients is crucial to chiropractic social media marketing. Facebook is a great place to promote this content.

For the best Facebook results, you’ll want to upload your patient list into your Facebook Business Manager account. Doing this gives your practice the ability to notify specific patients via Messenger.

YouTube – Internet-based videos hold a special place in the digital world. Much of the world learn how to do just about anything from watching videos posted on YouTube. Consequently, YouTube is an ideal way to attract new patients, especially if you can get your chiropractic videos to people looking for ones just like yours.

TikTok – From a chiropractic social media marketing perspective, TikTok holds the best value for sharing videos. Whereas YouTube promotes longer educational-focused videos, TikTok wants short videos with a potential for viral activity. Creators made the platform to work best inside a smartphone app, a place where many people make short videos.

Additionally, TikTok is excellent for creating organic traffic through hashtags. Users will often use five or more hashtags in a single post. TikTok has its own chiropractor hashtag with over 3 billion views. It is clear that chiropractors are popular on TikTok. You need a chiropractic social media marketing team like Web Rocket Media that understands how to make TikTok work for you.

Instagram – We saved the best for last. Instagram is arguably the most popular social media app available for marketing purposes. According to July 2021 numbers, more than two-thirds of the global population under 34 use Instagram. Part of the popularity comes from the ability to find business profiles on Instagram. In fact, more than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.

Running an Instagram-based chiropractic social media marketing campaign to attract new patients requires hiring a team that understands how to get the most use from Instagram. Moreover, using both TikTok and Instagram along with a robust use of hashtags could spell great success for your practice.

 Closing Thoughts

The chiropractic profession is prone to suffering from misinformation campaigns. This is in part because chiropractic services can be prone to bad reputations. With the help of a digital marketing agency like Web Rocket Media, you’ll have an opportunity to take your chiropractic social media marketing to a higher level. Social media is evolving.

You need a partner that will help you make the most of social media’s reach. Give Web Rocket Media a call or visit their website for more about your chiropractor advertising needs. 

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