Search engine optimization (SEO) is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of simply using a few choice words and soaring to the top of search results. These days, search engine optimization is vastly more complex than in previously years due to the massive increase in websites all vying for highly coveted spots. Back then, when the term first came to be in 1997, it was a very easy thing to abuse by way of stuffing irrelevant keywords into every page, thus tricking the search engines into displaying your company’s page even if it made little to no sense considering the nature of the search. It was a cheap and easy marketing ploy, but it was hardly to the benefit of the customers or internet users as a whole, and the years have flown by since then and the entire way search engine optimization is formulated has been altered substantially. Now, in NYC alone, it is in fact so complicated these days with the complexities of SEO.


Increase Your Traffic

These days, unlike in the past, most major search engines, the most notable being Google, track the sites visited and searches made of every person who searches via their engine. It then generates websites, based on keywords and other factors, that each individual user is most likely to appreciate- custom designed results, leading to no two people receiving the exact same order of list as was the case in the past. You can use this feature to your advantage by knowing your target market well. Who are they, and what are their interests? With some research on the matter, and time getting to know your audience well, you can increase your chances of landing closer to the top. It is important to note that, while previously it was common for businesses to carefully nurture their websites over a period of months or years to rank very highly, nowadays, thanks to Google Instant, search engines attempt to show fresh, recent, relevant results. This ensures that new posts and news articles will be forefront, which is exactly what most consumers desire. It does you no good to see the same old content again and again, after all.


SEO Fluidity

While it is wise to have a basic understanding of search engine optimization in order to increase traffic to and interest in your site and by association your business, there are some disadvantages to investing a substantial amount of time into mastering it. Search engine optimization is a constantly changing system. According to Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, they made an average of 1.5 changes to their algorithm in 2015 alone, and these changes can very much influence where your company will rank.


The Experts in NYC

The easier way is to bring in experts who can help your business optimize its resources to get a better bang for your buck.  Delegating SEO responsibilities will not only free you up from unnecessary confusion, but it will allow you to focus on your strengths and make your business flourish at the same time.  Is it time that you look for someone who understands your market in Long Island, NYC or beyond?

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