Gaining Leads Using LinkedIn Ads’ New Targeting Features

LinkedIn has long been a powerhouse marketing tool when targeting B2B transactions. Not only is it viewed as the “Facebook for professionals,” but it offers the option to run effective LinkedIn Ads to increase exposure. 


Simply put, LinkedIn is home to the decision-makers you want to connect with. Better yet, they make it rather easy to make those connections and are constantly making updates that favor your business. 


Most recently, they released an update that included two new LinkedIn Ads targeting options — Company Category and Company Growth Rate. These make it even easier to connect with certain groups of companies that fit your customer persona. 


Let’s take a deeper dive into these two new features and how your business can start utilizing them in your B2B marketing strategy. 


New Feature: Company Category


In this new option, LinkedIn Ads will feature various lists from publications many of us read on a daily basis — including Forbes and Fortune. They even included their own lists that they’ve curated over time. 


Among some of the company categories are Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies, Fortune 500 companies in the US, Fortune 500 companies globally, and Fortune 100 Fast Growing Companies in the world. 


LinkedIn’s lists come in bulk, adding their LinkedIn News Editors’ Top Companies and LinkedIn News Editors’ Top Startups in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States. 


Depending on the type of companies you want to connect with, these lists will give you a practical way of getting seen by those that matter. 


New Feature: Company Growth Rate


LinkedIn Ads are also seeing a new targeting option that’s similar to ones we’ve had access to for a while now. We’ve long been able to target companies by employee count, but the numbers listed by each company are rarely updated. 


With the new targeting feature, you’ll be able to target a company based on their employee growth rate compared to this time last year. The list will include companies with a negative growth rate, 0-3%, 3-10%, 10-20%, and 20%+. 


The feature will likely track the number of employees that have listed the company as their employer on LinkedIn. While it might not represent the total amount of employees, it will still give you a good idea of which companies are growing. 


Other Ways to Find Success With LinkedIn


With LinkedIn, you can turn your company page into a lead generation machine — because you can never have enough of those, right? You can also make use of LinkedIn Showcase pages to highlight extensions of your company. 


In addition to that, you can further enhance your current outreach with advanced searches, saved searches, and group searches.


At Web Rocket Media, we love using LinkedIn in our B2B marketing strategy and would love the opportunity to help your business find success with it, too! Contact us today to learn more about LinkedIn Ads and developing qualities leads from your marketing efforts. 




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