Does Facebook Help SEO, or Are They Unrelated?

Over the last decade, Facebook has become the quintessential social media platform. And with 2.8 billion monthly active worldwide users and 1.84 billion daily users, understanding its place in the social media universe is straightforward. Facebook ads brought in $27.2 billion in ad revenue in 2020, which equals $10.14 per user. It’s safe to presume advertising products on Facebook is a no-brainer.

Of course, Facebook is not the only player in the e-commerce universe. Google’s search engine market share is above 90%. One estimate puts the number of Google searches per second at around 70,000. Given these extraordinary and mind-boggling numbers, one thing ties Facebook and Google together in an almost symbiotic partnership—search engine optimization (SEO).

How Does Facebook Help SEO?

The first consideration is the search engine result page (SERPs). The position on the SERP matters. The closer an item is to the top of the SERP, the more likely the searcher clicks on it. Google uses sophisticated algorithms, some of which utilize machine learning, to search the internet for IPs containing the words used in search queries.

The Business Side of Facebook

Many people who use Facebook see it as purely a social media platform. However, Facebook is also a business and marketing platform that utilizes social media usage habits. As such, many e-commerce businesses use the Facebook business and marketing platform as an e-commerce website. Google finds these Facebook-centric web pages (known as fan pages) using SEO strategies developed by digital marketers. For example, choosing the page’s name with a researched keyword as the first word helps Google find the page.

After creating the fan page, the digital marketer strategically interweaves the researched keywords throughout the fan page. Known as keyword optimization, this is no different than developing web copy for a traditional website. Facebook’s fan page format helps businesses focus on essential business information. For instance, the About, Mission, and Company Description sections help Google’s algorithms find the Facebook fan page. It also helps in pinpointing local businesses if the fan page contains the business’s address.

SEO Ties Facebook to Other Digital Channels

Backlinking is a critical component of SEO optimization. While some businesses use a Facebook fan page as the primary business website, many more businesses have both. Not only that, a talented digital marketer will utilize as many social media platforms as possible. That said, providing a hyperlink to Facebook’s fan page that links up with other digital channels reaches more potential customers. Additionally, Google places a high emphasis on backlinks when placing results on SERPs.


SEO and Facebook are closely linked together in a marketing partnership that dominates much of the world’s e-commerce web traffic. While one can exist without the other, the number of potential customers increases several times over when used together. Consequently, a digital marketing agency such as Web Rocket Media understands how SEO connects with Facebook. Web Rocket Media’s expert social media marketers will streamline your digital advertising needs, enabling your company’s full customer outreach potential.

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