Does Embedding YouTube Videos Help with SEO?

In recent years, video has emerged as a significant way to gain attention and sell products. Indeed, there are many “YouTube” stars with many thousands of followers. YouTube videos follow the standard Web 2.0 model.[1] Viewers have opportunities to “follow” and post reviews. Is embedding YouTube video into other forms of SEO optimized content worth the effort?

Participation as the Connecting Behavior

The key to answering this question comes from a specific attribute of Web 2.0. Ultimately, the YouTube platform is a social media platform. This is, on the surface, participatory. And these days, savvy online advertisers like Web Rocket Media understand they must deploy ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms. The YouTube videos must influence viewers so that they want to participate.

YouTube as a Social Media Platform

Creating SEO optimized content is a tried-and-true method for attracting web traffic. That said, YouTube videos for the video medium are hit and miss with web crawlers. In other words, the video message won’t show up on SERPs unless it is combined with additional content. For example, Web Rocket Media’s SEO experts understand how to design newsletter ad campaigns that use embedded video.

Conversely, the SEO experts at Web Rocket Media utilize graphic design elements to deploy ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms, including YouTube. The real value of embedding YouTube videos into written content comes from its ability to raise SEO scores. Thus, when SEO copywriters create content, they should consider user behavior.

Headings Matter

There is no question that SEO optimized headings help increase SEO scores. However, once users find your site, will the YouTube video’s introduction get users to click on the video link? This depends on the SEO optimized heading. This is where SEO professionals must understand what motivates target audience participation. In short, the participatory behavior.

In some cases, users just want to watch a quick video and nothing else. This is where embedding a YouTube video could be helpful. If a SERP contains a thumbnail of the video, the “video only” user might be more apt to click it. This engagement gets the user to your website, where there is an opportunity to boost time on page rates. This type of holistic thinking that the SEO experts at Web Rocket Media employ when developing ad campaigns.

Closing Thoughts

On its own, embedding a YouTube video into content offers little SEO value. However, when thought of in holistic terms, embedded YouTube video could attract users that want to specifically watch a video and avoid reading. These users will inadvertently stay on a webpage longer, especially if something catches their eye.

The best strategy applies headings that web crawlers identify. Moreover, YouTube should be looked at as a social media platform that requires user participation. The SEO experts at Web Rocket Media understand how to apply SEO best practices across all platforms, presenting clients with professional graphics that grabs user interest.



[1] Tim O’Reilly. “What Is Web 2.0.” O’Reilly, 30 Sept. 2005.


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