Do Landing Pages Really Help SEO?

When optimizing your brand’s website for search engines, you might find yourself concerned about how multiple landing pages might help or hurt you in your organic rankings. The honest answer is that it really depends on how organized your overall SEO strategy is. For example, having a slew of poorly optimized landing pages will certainly drive your bounce rate through the roof and lead to a poor search ranking, but well-tailored landing pages can boost your online presence and help you build familiarity with your audience. So, here’s how to get the most out of your landing pages and effectively use them to improve your SEO.

Keep It Clear

The secret to a high-converting landing page is to keep your message clear, concise and direct. Your customers should know what you are offering them, how you can solve their problem and what actions they need to take next as soon as they land on your page. At this point, you should have already conducted thorough research on who your target audience is and what issues they have that you can solve. Next, you can build a landing page that quickly addresses these issues and concludes with a direct call to action prompting them what to do next. You should avoid using multiple CTAs on your landing pages, this can cause your potential customers to click off rather than following through with the next action.

Create Quality Content

Users love to discover high-quality content that helps them find a solution to their problem. More importantly, images and videos have been shown to improve your overall SEO performance when utilized correctly. One way you can incorporate high-quality content into your landing page is to use unique images that feature keywords relevant to your audience. Many people are using Google Images as a searching method and having appropriately optimized images can boost your landing page performance. Speaking of keywords, no content or copy on your page should be written without a thorough list of both primary and secondary keywords. You can lead with this data and create content that reflects what your audience will actually be searching for.

Use Accurate Titles

User experience is a substantial factor in your SEO performance, so creating a landing page that is seen as trustworthy should be a top priority. Everything including your titles, alt tags, meta descriptions and even URLs should accurately reflect the content of your landing page. For example, the URL for your landing page should make it easy for any user to deduce what they will find on your page. Good URLs will be no longer than 50 – 60 characters and will accurately describe what your page is all about. This same philosophy should be applied anytime you are creating titles or descriptions for your page.

The Conclusion

Well constructed landing pages can help you drive more traffic to your brand and improve your organic search engine rankings. Implement these best practices to make your landing page SEO. Or, better yet, contact Web Rocket Media today to help you!

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