Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

If you want to effectively reach your customers and clients in an engaging way, it starts with a quality digital marketing strategy. Since the marketing industry is always evolving, keeping up with the latest trends is the best way to stay “in the now” instead of always being two steps behind. 

Thus far in 2020, we are seeing a variety of digital marketing trends pave the way for what the rest of the year holds. If you’re wondering what some of these trends are, we’ll detail five that have started to reshape the way we market products and services. 

Photos and Video

Although photos and videos have been taking over the marketing industry for quite some time, companies continue to find new ways to implement it in their strategy. 360-degree videos, virtual tours, educational videos, and video tutorials are just some of the ways people are marketing with video today.

In addition to that, infographics continue to play a major role in connecting with customers by combining short text and images. Memes and GIFs don’t seem to be going anywhere either, so keep those coming!

Predictive Marketing

Data science has never been more important in marketing. It allows an opportunity to predict consumer trends and behaviors in order to set forth the proper strategy for your business. These recommendation solutions will guide your business in the right direction no matter what’s changing in your industry.

Businesses are using predictive marketing with their email outreach, website, and mobile applications as a way to increase ROI, customer loyalty, and user experience. 


Personalization has been extremely important to consumers for a while. Modern-day chatbots will give your customers a personal feel when they’re navigating through your website and social media channels. 

Using artificial intelligence will allow the chatbots to improve over time. This will give the customer more accurate recommendations, allowing for better customer service.

User Experience

Keeping your customers and leads engaged with the content you produce is always going to be crucial to your marketing strategy. Many businesses utilize polls, quizzes, augmented reality ads, quality web design, and fun contests for their customers on social media. 

It’s pretty clear-cut; if you can’t keep your customers and clients engaged with your company, they won’t stick around long enough to see what you have to offer. First impressions are everything with marketing and providing a good user experience is the best way to find success.

Relative and In-Depth Content

We are going to throw this one in here because it’s one that everyone continues to ignore, despite the overwhelming attention it receives from your target audience. 

Providing content in this day and age simply won’t do the trick. You have to provide quality and relative content or else you’ll fail to separate yourself from the competition. 

Since new digital marketing trends are being implemented every year, it might be difficult for the average small business owner to stay on top of their strategy. At Web Rocket Media, we take great pride in our ability to stay on the front lines when it comes to the newest trends and would be happy to find a way to implement them in your own business. 

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