Developers Release a Disapproved Google Ads Tool

With Google Ads and other free tools, Google has, In little more than a generation, captured a dominating section of the online marketing space. While Google and its parent company, Alphabet Inc., don’t publish search volume numbers, many have come up with educated estimates. One leading online marketer estimated there are around 2.4 million searches every minute. 

If you’re one who wants to avoid Google, good luck! At 90% search engine market share, you can’t escape the online influence Google has on e-commerce. Using its complex technology, Google indexes some of the web pages published on the web through the internet. Because of keywords, this indexing is crucial to e-commerce. Without indexing, few would be able to surf the internet. 

Without ways to show web searchers advertising for things they want to buy, many small e-commerce businesses wouldn’t be able to compete. Hence, if used efficiently, Google Ads helps drive small business success. Arguably, there is no better Google Ads manager than an online marketer that specializes in Google Ads. Indeed, Web Rocket Media takes Google Ads management to another level with personal service. 

There are more than a billion Google users worldwide. Consequently, using Google’s free advertising tools seems to be a no-brainer. With tools such as a Google Ads disapproved ads auditor, Google account managers can take more control over their advertising campaigns, offering better service to customers.

E-Commerce Explodes

The ongoing pandemic illustrated the effectiveness of buying things online. Although online purchase trends have been steadily increasing in recent years, staying home without going to stores and malls meant people started shopping online for life’s necessities. Being in the right places at the right times, Google’s suite of online marketing tools helps all businesses(large and small) gain online visibility. 

As we adjust to life after the emergence of the virus that causes Covid-19 sickness, e-commerce and all that comes with it have become integral parts of our lives. Given 90% of us use Google, we have probably seen hundreds of Google Ads without realizing it. What happens if your business publishes a Google Ad that violates its policy guidelines? These advertising policy guidelines are complex as they are worked into the smart algorithms Google uses in its search engine.

Some policy-violating Google Ads do make it onto the internet, largely because the number of Google Ads that must be approved is astronomical. Nonetheless, Google flags policy violating ads as “disapproved” then essentially ignores them so searchers don’t see them. Online advertisers need to regularly monitor this approval process to ensure their Google Ads get deployed as intended.  

It is vital that your business and/or the online marketing agency used to market your products, publish online content that doesn’t violate any part of Google’s policies. You can’t afford to be invisible in today’s e-commerce society. The sheer volume means some disapproved ads might be forgotten by online advertisers. With the disapproved Google Ads tool, these ads are flagged for deletion.  

Google Ads and Product Visibility

One of the most effective and efficient ways of gaining visibility online is Google Ads. Google integrates much of the data it collects for search engine queries to continually upgrade and improve what it shows us. This data also comes from apps like Google Maps, a popular navigational tool. 

Thus, many of the ads we see are familiar to us. However, if a Google Ad violates one of the policies, it becomes invisible. For online marketers that manage multiple Google Ad accounts, these policy violations represent extra time finding out what went wrong. Deploying the Google Ads Auditor helps account managers be more efficient.

What Does the Disapproved Ads Tool Do? 

The Google Ads disapproved ads tool flags Google Ads that violate its policies. Users then have the option to delete the violating ads. According to Google Developers, the disapproved ads tool gives managers holistic control over how Google Ads perform as they are deployed. The goal is more proactive control over how ad campaigns perform.

Seeing Google Ads work in real-time helps online advertisers understand how the ads fit in with other advertising campaigns. Furthermore, when used with Google’s comprehensive advertising policy manager, account managers gain the ability to redeploy a disapproved ad quickly without hassle. 

The disapproved ads tool examines Google Ads based on four broad advertising-based categories: prohibited content, restricted content and features, prohibited practices, and technical and editorial. These are areas advertisers understand and should work to make automated approval a goal for published Google Ads.

With the disapproved ads auditor tool enabled, Google Ads account managers can take proactive looks at how their Google Ads perform. Traditionally, account managers must track down what went wrong. With the new tool, policy violations are flagged. Users are then given the option to delete them. Account managers learn from what works and what doesn’t. This type of attention lets online advertisers keep updated with Google’s evolving policy attributes.  


Be warned. Integrating the Google Ads disproved auditor tool into your software takes some coding knowledge. Specifically, knowing Python, BigQuery API, Google Ads API and OAuth 2.0 are essential to successful deployment. Google Developers claim it takes about 2 hours to implement the Auditor. The disapproved ads tool is not an official Google product. Developers released the tool “as is” as freeware. 

Closing Thoughts

Google Ads has emerged as a significant way for e-commerce businesses to advertise online. Google Ads work because of a 90% search engine saturation rate and because they are free. However, taking full advantage of Google Ads requires expert Google Account managers that understand the complex universe of Google Ads policies. 

Web Rocket Media has these expert Google account managers. They are ready to step in and take control of your Google Ads. The Google Ads professionals at Web Rocket Media take the time to understand your business’s online advertising needs. Our personal service helps Google’s larger advertising footprint work for you.

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