Choosing Keywords for PPC Campaigns is Like Building a Marketing Foundation

One of the oldest and most enduring ways to advertise online is pay-per-click campaigns, it is important to note that there are two kinds. One is where someone gets paid every time an internet user clicks on a web-based ad or other clickable terms. The other works well with content such as blogs. In these instances, the PPC is a fixed rate.

Keywords are an essential aspect of PPC. Keywords are what search engines use to identify content on the web that the searcher typed into the search engine. When a content writer produces a blog, she wants to strategically place those keywords within the document. Do it well enough, and the blog attracts enough web traffic to drive e-commerce sales.

Foundational Blocks

Another thing to think about when using keywords in search engines is the algorithm. Today’s search engines are far more sophisticated than those just five years ago. The sophistication comes from the intelligent algorithms they use to find things online. Today’s search engine algorithms use machine learning and artificial intelligence. Ultimately what these intelligent algorithms do is try to predict what the web searcher wants to see.

Keywords are foundational blocks because search engines really like when web searchers ask questions. At this point, keywords are not really single words but phrases with several words. These phrases are called long-tail keywords. SEO experts such as those at Web Rocket Media research keywords and long-tail keywords to discover how to get a website owner’s website as near the top of the results page as possible. Thus, you could say that the advertising experts at Web Rocket Media build a marketing foundation from the bottom up by way of keywords.

More on Long Tail Keywords

As mentioned above, today’s search engines like Google like when users ask questions. Keywords, especially long-tail keywords, are foundational blocks because search engines look for them inside the questions. Fixed-rate PPC campaigns need content to work correctly because search engines look for those long-tail keywords inside the content. For example, suppose the web searcher looks for washable red paint. The question could be: where can I buy washable red paint? The longtail keyword is washable red paint.

Web Rocket Media hires expert content writers that know how to strategically place long-tail keywords inside custom-written blogs. The content writer understands that long-tail keywords are a foundation to build on. So, blog writing aims to get the potential customer to click on the blog or a keyword somewhere in the blog. Or even a placed ad that will get the potential customer to the website sells washable red paint.

Closing Thoughts

The advertising experts at Web Rocket Media understand how to develop a marketing campaign from the bottom up. The marketing experts develop foundational longtail keywords and then give them to content creators to write blogs or social media posts or even landing page content. All of this so the web searcher can find the perfect place to buy something.

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