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YouTube, which is owned by Google allows its users to upload, share, comment and watch videos.  It’s search engine is probably the 2nd biggest in the world next to its parent company and by far, the biggest video sharing website on the globe.  That said, it’s the best social media platform to use videos in promoting your products and services.  But with so many videos continuously being uploaded on YouTube – about 72 hours’ worth of video every minute being uploaded on the site – how can you effectively reach your target audiences?

Web Rocket Media can provide the help you need to achieve results in marketing your product or service on YouTube. We offer basic starter packages to help you gain traffic to your site through targeted keywords and we work to help you convert your new leads.

In order for YouTube to work for your business, the first thing you’ll need to do is create your own “channel,” which should neither be too difficult nor complicated.  After you’ve done it comes the most challenging part, producing very compelling videos for upload.


How do you make compelling videos?

  1. Consider the content, which should engage your target customers within 15 seconds or less.  Otherwise, your viewers will be bored and won’t bother watching your videos long enough to appreciate it.  This is because of the information overload they’re all subject to each and every day.  To really engage them within the first 15 seconds, use introductions that are animated and quick to both spark their curiosity and win their trust.  This helps them expect something great from watching the video further.
  1. Your videos need to have are calls to action – and this is key for any social media campaign to succeed.  You can place the call to action at any point on the video, depending of course on its message. Keep your calls minimal and easy to understand.
  1. Post videos on YouTube regularly to increase your presence on YouTube and increase the number of your subscribers.  One way to ensure regularity is to create shorter videos of a particular long-form content, i.e., divide one long topic or video into series of shorter videos.


How will customers find your videos on YouTube?

What good are videos – however excellent the content – if viewers can’t find them?  While this is more about search engine optimization (SEO), which is a very complicated topic to discuss here, you can do the following to improve your videos’ visibility and allow more people to view it.

First, you should carefully write your titles.  Make sure that your videos’ titles include targeted keywords in the first few ones and that they’re followed by a colon (:) for top visibility.  An example of this is a video on how to make a paper airplane. The video title “Paper Airplane Success:  A Beginner’s Guide” is an example of a good title.

Also, make sure your videos’ descriptions begins with a full URL.  You’ll also need to provide as many details about the video as possible without giving away its main attractions or points so that people will still want to watch it.  In other words, give plenty details without any spoilers.


Need Help Getting Started on YouTube?

Web Rocket Media Media can provide you with premium support to strengthen your marketability on YouTube. We would be happy to tell you how we can offer customized packages to suit your specific needs. Let us know if we can help.

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