Based on a survey conducted by Ask Your Target Market, about 42% of people who use Twitter do so to follow companies or brands. If you’re a businessperson who is looking to market your business over social media, that’s great news! Twitter has over 260 million users, according to It offers a tremendously diverse and far-reaching group of people you can market to, and unlike the dwellers of Facebook, many Twitter users actually want to be marketed to. Therefore, Twitter can be an excellent social media platform to market your products or services.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter is considered to be a micro-blogging website, which means you can only post updates that are no more than140 characters long. Originally, this limit was intended to make it compatible with most mobile phones and text messaging services. Since then, it has evolved into a rather useful and sensible feature for sending and receiving brief and quick information among many people. This might make you feel restrained, but there is a lot you can do to gain attention, and you can say more than you think in 140 characters.

Reasons for Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool:

  • Developing productive relationships with bloggers and journalists for PR
  • Enhancing your industry expertise and thought leadership reputation
  • Promoting your product or service’s upcoming activities or events
  • Helping you find out how people think and feel about your product or service
  • Engaging your product or service’s customer base
  • Growing your brand

Using Twitter can help direct more traffic to your business website, promote your business’ activities and events, monitor economic activity and share your skill. By inserting a link in your tweets, you push people to your business website and promote any coupons or special offers, and notify them of interesting changes on your product or service. Followers may even re-tweet the things you share on Twitter if they find your content to be very useful and unique.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market a product or service, and testimonials are one of those ways that your business can be promoted by word of mouth. A very good method of collecting good testimonials for your product or service is by using Twitter’s “Favorites” feature. These testimonials are significant proof for your product or service and can help improve the image of your product or service, making it more popular.  People are naturally social creatures, and if something is popular and well liked, they usually want to try it out as well. The more clients you have that favorite your business, the more positive reviews you will essentially get.  Raising your reputation in the eyes of any social media consumer is the key to great success when using Twitter as a marketing tool.

One way you can promote or market your business’ promotional activities – like campaigns, webinars or events – is by tweeting about it and inserting a link that will direct people to your event’s sign up page. Also, you can come up with a very nice hashtag for your activity. Incorporating diverse and descriptive hashtags will ensure your tweets are present in a number of different categories and increase their visibility. Inappropriate use of or simply lacking of hashtags will lead to your tweets not getting much attention, and using them is an easy, quick, and free way to direct more potential clients to your business.

Web Rocket Media can provide the help you need to achieve results in marketing your product or service on Twitter. We offer basic starter packages to help you gain traffic to your site through targeted keywords and we work to help you convert your new leads. Additionally we do offer customized packages to suit your specific needs beyond the basic packages. Let us know if we can help.

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