SEO Trends to Watch in 2020

The new year brings with it new opportunities for your SEO marketing. It is time to look at what SEO trends may be the most important this year to stay on top of your SEO. These are some of the top SEO trends to watch in 2020.

Voice Search

This is one SEO trend that has become vital in recent years, and it will continue to increase in importance in the years to come. It has been predicted that around 50 percent of searches this year will be voice searches. Voice searches are usually longer and more specific than types queries tend to be.

When you are typing in a Google search, you probably write “tacos near me,” but if you are speaking it, you will likely say “find the taco place nearest me.”

Optimizing for these long-tail keywords can be tricky, but as more people have to do it, it should become a little easier. Using bullet lists is a good way to help boost your SEO for these long-tail keyword searches.


The use of influencers is continuing to gain popularity, since it allows consumers to see authentic-looking ads. While the use of influencers in marketing is well known, you may not have thought about how great influencers can be for your SEO.

Influencers help with your backlinks; the more places that link to your content, the better your SEO results can be. You can ask some influencers to link to your site to help with this, whether the link is to a specific product or the website in general. You can also create guest posts for their website to help with that.

Video Content Optimization

Including video content on your website can greatly boost your SEO. A white paper forecasted that video content will dominate other forms of content. “It is expected that by 2021, 78% of the mobile data will be consumed on Video.” If this forecast is accurate, video SEO will become a vital form of SEO marketing this year.

Optimizing your keywords for YouTube is a good way to help your channel get rankings on Google quickly. Utilize the channel description, this will help your audience learn more about you, and that can help with your SEO rankings.

Quality Content

Content is still a key part of SEO that we need to continue focusing on. Content affects everything in SEO,” Anna Crowe, Assistant Editor of Search Engine Journal, said. “From your site structure and internal linking strategy to the types of links you build.”

Your site needs content that is valuable and relevant to your target audience. Doing so will help your site build authority and credibility with your target audience and increase dwell time on your site as people read your content.

Taking an audit of your current content is also a good idea. If your site is covering similar topics regularly, they may be competing in your search results. Instead, archive older posts that have too much overlap.