Tessa White

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{4:50} “Healthy Emmie is a place where I like to make nutrition and weight loss simple. There’s so much conflicting advice out there… and it’s really hard to sort through it… I want people to just separate from all of that and say ‘I get it now’.”

{8:55} “It’s not as much what we’re eating, but it’s what’s eating us. We often neglect the mindset that comes along with health and weight loss. People are very fixated on losing weight for a purpose that is outside of true health.”

{11:25} “The unfortunate reality of the current diet culture is that a lot of it is fueled by a desire to make money… these industries have been built so that people will subscribe to a diet plan, inevitably fail… It’s unethical.”

{22:20} “Most people spend the last two decades of their life sick, in nursing homes, unable to take care of themselves… if we can prevent that through a healthy plant-based diet, it’s the best investment you can ever make for yourself.”

{29:00} “We can’t think our way into acting, we have to act our way into thinking. And the only way to do that is to start before we’re ready.”



Tessa White is a hardworking and intelligent keynote speaker, leader, and workplace consultant. Through her work as the Job Doctor, she has helped thousands of people navigate job propositions, interviews, and raise negotiations, being recognized as a nationwide expert by media companies such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Apple News. She is a strong advocate for women entering the workforce and serves on the board of trustees at Utah State University. 

In her off-time, Tessa is a seasoned fly fisher.


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