Selina Jackson

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[12:20] “Learning is associated with mood. Memory is associated with mood. Did you know that whatever mood you’re in when you’re learning something, you have to go back into that mood to remember it?”

[16:20] “I see a lot of teachers that are feeling frustrated, angry, fearful, and uncertain. I help them to release those emotions and find an anchor. Because, if the teacher’s frustrated, and she goes online to teach the children, and she’s feeling that emotion, she will transfer it to the children.”

[38:00] “95% of emotion comes from the subconscious. There are subconscious limiting beliefs and emotions that prevent people from getting what they want.”


Synopsis of the show:

This week on A Breath of Fresh Marketing, we’re joined by Selina Joy Jackson, owner of Success and Mastery Consulting, an online training and consulting program that helps educators, students, and parents easily overcome struggles and find the freedom to master their emotions and bring out the best in themselves.

In this episode, Selina delves into education during the pandemic and touches on some of the preexisting issues present in education. Ms. Jackson’s consulting program focuses on remedying some of these major issues, including the current focus on behavior over attitude in terms of learning success and the failure of higher education to prepare future teachers to teach people, not subjects.

You can find Selina Joy Jackson on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and sign up for consulting at her Patreon.


A few things you will learn from the podcast:

  1. You’ll learn from a professional how to speak to, soothe, and motivate your children during this scary time during the pandemic. You’ll learn a bit about the emotional and developmental psychology of learning, including how to truly motivate children and get them in the headspace to learn.
  2. You’ll hear Ms. Jackson’s take on the effects of online learning during the pandemic and her predictions for the future of learning after the pandemic (hint: hybrid learning). 
  3. You’ll learn about three of Ms. Jackson’s many books on psychology and education and a bit of their background.


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