Savy Leiser

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{9:30} “I always talk about writing as a way to help normalize the world that you want to see… I try to help normalize a world that I think would be good to see overall.”

{25:50} “There needs to be more freedom for people to enter creative fields…I think it’s important that we support other people’s endeavors as they are trying to break into this really difficult field…”

{26:30} “Small businesses have a connection with the person that you’re buying from…whether they handmade the item themself…there’s generally some level of passion behind it.”

{33:00} “It’s been a really fun journey…it’s representing dogs but it’s also representing people and showing how animals and humans go through those same struggles and using that as a vehicle to convey these bigger topics for kids.”

{47:05} “For me, [writing] is something where I work with other people all the time, and having people you can rely on and a support network is necessary.”



Savy Leiser is a passionate author, YouTuber, and small business owner, owning The Furever Home Friends, LLC, which produces children’s books and stuffed animals based on real rescue dogs. Her upcoming book, 90’s Kids, debuted on June 8, 2021.

Furever Home Friends, LLC was founded by Savy in 2017 and supports local no-kill animal shelters such as ALIVE Rescue. Through her passion for dogs, business, and writing, she has built a strong online community of fellow dog lovers, literature fans, and small business supporters.


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