Raina O'Dell

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{10:24} “You know, sometimes we outgrow versions of ourselves. I had beat eating disorders. I had transitioned from being a stay at home Mom to being an entrepreneur(…) I went through so many transitions that caused me to have this ‘a-ha, wake up’ moment.”

{23:00} “Health and fitness is irrelevant if you don’t have the mindset of, I’m gonna wake up and I’m gonna do this. I want to feel better.”

{37:17} “Everyone told me to slow down while I was shedding stuff and going through that transition of becoming a new person. I think the biggest piece of advice I would give is to slow down and get crystal clear on what that is.”



Raina became interested in health and fitness after giving birth to her two children. She stumbled across the Beachbody On Demand program after feeling uncomfortable in a traditional gym setting and feeling the need to have a program that she could do in the privacy of her own home. She quickly discovered that she had a gift for keeping others accountable and blossomed as a Beachbody coach.

After undergoing many significant life changes including overcoming an eating disorder, getting divorced and being attacked in a video on YouTube, she rebranded to “It’s just Raina.” She was inspired to start living for herself and decided to create a brand that reflected that revelation. Her new business called “It’s Just You,” focuses on helping women find balance with their body and mind. Her programs cover everything from intentional eating to exercise and mindful living. 

She also hosts a podcast with two of her friends called “Let’s Put the Rad in Radical,” covering every topic under the sun. She has found a love for making TikTok videos as a break from the business side of social media. In her spare time, she’s an avid plant lady and has incorporated taking care of plants into her mental health care routine. Raina would love to be the kind of coach who could visit people in their homes and help them make long lasting changes in their daily life.”


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