Nicko Karagiorgos

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{10:45} “We were on the front page of the business section [of the New York Times]… I don’t feel like we are going to come back to how it was [pre-covid] and I think our online presence is as important as ever these days.” 

{11:50} “As winter approaches and we get less catering… I am really trying to focus on that direct-to-consumer sales approach… with more video blogs and things like that.”

{21:55} “[Modernization] loses the personal touch but it also alleviates a lot of other errors and things of that nature. There is a lot to overcome and there’s a lot to look forward to where this industry is headed.”

{29:05} “I like to let [people] know that hard work is good and it pays off. Me and my brother… have obtained what is due to us because of that hard work. And I am not doing that for any other reason aside from for myself… It is my moral duty to do that.”



Nicko Karagiorgos is the owner of Uncle Gussy’s, a food truck that brings Greek cuisine to the streets of New York City. With humble beginnings as a small vending cart in the 1970s, it has since grown to be a staple for locals and tourists alike. Nicko prides himself on the restaurant’s Greek hospitality and the hard work that goes into its quick and delicious meals.

Along with being a top-notch eaterie, Uncle Gussy’s has been featured in many publications and productions such as the New York Times as well as appearing in movies and series such as the Netflix production Gypsy. With a history of catering for many TV and movie sets, Uncle Gussy’s has set itself a solid foothold in the industry.


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