Matthias Barker

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{5:59} “You can experience all the richness and meaning of what’s important to you right now – not just when you finish school, or when you get the job, not just when you get out of debt. A lot of us reserve that peace and happiness for when we arrive somewhere.”

{24:13} “Give yourself a little bit of a break to be patient and take each step in its own time.”

{42:44} “I’m packaging insights from other researchers, the hope would be that someone can see my videos on marriage and think, ‘oh yeah, that clicks for me’ and go find someone who uses the Gottman method.”



Matthias Barker is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist Associate and specializes in working with complex trauma and childhood abuse with 52,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.7 million fans on TikTok.

He originally went to school to become a pastor because he wanted to help guide people through difficult times, but realized psychotherapy would be more impactful. He helps people move towards what’s meaningful in the midst of hardship, by helping them give themselves permission to feel happy in the moment.

He’s recently completed his hours to become a psychotherapist, but wants to transition to part-time clinician so he can do speaking engagements and partnership opportunities. In his sessions, he asks people to tell him about their close relationships and what it was like establishing themselves as an adult to try to get a picture of them.

He talks about the difficulties of managing his social media platforms and how to balance the success with his anxieties, and wants to make decisions based on his values and what will best enrich his followers. He also discusses the importance of being able to empathize with his patients, and how he separates the difficult sessions he has with his clients from his personal life.

Matthias recently conducted a trauma workshop based on the neurology of trauma and how trauma impacts the body. The willpower that people have to move past trauma isn’t the only factor in processing the trauma, people also need the tools that they may not have in their toolbelt. The trauma workshop with Q&A, along with his ebook On Grief is available on his website.

He also talks about starting his own podcast, the Matthias J Barker podcast, after doing about a year of YouTube videos, and decided to transition to the podcast space.


Matthias gives advice to anyone interested in entering psychotherapy – read psychological stuff now to get an idea of what sounds interesting to you and do your Master’s degree with someone who’s a specialist in that ‘thing’. He believes that there’s so much wisdom and insight in this field that there’s things that will transform not only your life, but your clients’ lives.


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