Madison Spek

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{4:26} “There’s not a combination of supplements or shakes or any magical thing that can do the work for us… overall you know, yes more fruits and vegetables, yes a good bit of activity and rest – all of those things are so true, and there’s not a big secret that we’re hiding!”

{6:35} “My advice to any trainer giving nutrition advice is to equally weigh in the mental and emotional well-being considerations of your client and to take into consideration things like age – you don’t need to be telling a 16-year-old who is still growing to take in 1200 calories a day.”

{11:58} “Weight loss is not needed to achieve an underlying goal of being happy, more social, etc.”



Madison Spek is a licensed nutritionist and dietician who helps women meet their goals with a holistic approach to diet and weight loss. Originally from Canada, she grew up wanting to be a doctor because she wanted to help people in some way, but knew she wanted to become a nutritionist in college when she realized she wanted to help prevent diseases rather than treating them.

She believes everyone’s relationship with food is on a spectrum from intuitive eating to extreme restrictions, and everyone is in a different place on this spectrum, and you need to find the right place for you. In early 2020, Madison launched her coaching business to help people who wanted to virtually get nutritional help. She likes to set emotional and mental tones by asking her clients “why” to get to the root of their underlying goals. Her 8-week program, Living Proof, emphasizes not only fat loss, but helps cultivate a healthier relationship with food.

Madison talks about the importance of working on body confidence and body acceptance during weight loss, or else you’ll never be happy with the progress you’ve made. She also talks about diet fads and why some trends on TikTok aren’t going to help you be successful in losing weight – like not eating after 7 pm, eating smaller meals throughout the day, intermittent fasting, and drinking chlorophyll water… And it’s completely fine to skip breakfast if you’re not hungry!


Madison also talks about the science behind cravings and what those cravings could mean, and goes into the PHFF (protein, healthy fat, fiber) method of building your plate to help sustain your blood sugar and keep you feeling full without wanting to take a nap for 3 hours.


If you want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start, understand that weight loss is about baby steps – you didn’t gain the weight overnight, so you’re not going to lose it overnight. Adjusting your food intake to what’s best for your body is key to helping you lose weight.


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