Lindsay Viker

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{7:35} “In the world of marketing it can be tricky to evolve something that’s been around for so many years… My first focus was on improving that user experience so people could continue to find these amazing recipes.”

{10:15} “This is for regular people… For me, it’s really important that you can look at a recipe and feel like you can cook it yourself in your home kitchen. I try to make sure all the ingredients are really accessible.”

{18:45} “Cooking at the end of my workday is a way to unwind… One of the reasons I love dinner so much is because it’s that opportunity at the end of the day to unwind and do what I love.”

{21:15} “Especially making something from scratch, I think that that feels as much of a gift as something you would wrap up from the store.”



Lindsay Viker is the CEO of Everyday Dishes from Phoenix, Arizona. She used to work in the fashion scene before diving into the cooking world. While she personally prefers the “big, punchy” flavors of the Mexican food scene in Arizona, she specializes in appealing to all sorts of styles and palates and is constantly experimenting with new types of food in her home life. 

The goal of Everyday Dishes is to help ordinary people cook simple, yet delicious meals using everyday tools and ingredients. The website boasts a wide selection of mouth-watering recipes and attractive videos featuring all styles of food. Through hard work and constant testing, Lindsay has made her mark on the world of online recipes by constantly switching things up, appealing to a variety of tastes, and keeping the formula focused on helping regular people cook more delicious food.


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