Kris Rotonda

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{7:30} “We go in every kennel we need to… I sit down on their level… just to let people see the dog with a human in a more relaxed environment.”

{10:30} “When [The Dodo] published it on their page there was probably something like 400,000 comments… [the comments] are all very tear-jerking and eye-opening… lots of comments saying ‘Oh this inspired me to be a volunteer… to start looking out for shelters.’ It definitely inspired a lot of followers.”

{11:05} “One of the things that I kind of liked the most is the reaction when we first get there… People always say ‘Where do you get your energy from?’… It’s like a stage for me… it really is the dogs. When I walk in there I’m looking for Jordan. I’m looking for the dog at the end that no one wants to see.”

{21:10} “These animals at these shelters, it’s not their fault. A lot of them are just surrendered for any reason… for me, it’s all about giving them a shot.”



Kris Rotonda is a shelter animal advocate and the founder of Jordan’s Way, a fundraising organization dedicated to raising money for animal shelters across the country and encouraging people to adopt all their furry friends. Growing up surrounded by animals, he eventually adopted his late best friend Jordan, who inspired him to start the charity with her namesake.

As of 2021, Jordan’s Way’s current fundraising effort is a 50-state, cross-country tour which, through the power of social media, is helping to spread the message of adopting from shelters and raising money for them in the meantime. With a hard work ethic and fantastic on-camera charisma, Kris’s efforts have raised millions over the years for these furry friends in need.


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