Karissa Psathas

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{1:44} “I just love to uplift people and I am so inspired by teaching others to love their body just as much as I have learned to love mine. I try everyday to put a smile on everyone else’s faces, that’s my goal.”

{7:55} “I never wanted to encourage people to not work out or not be the healthiest version of themselves, I just wanted to encourage them to love the body that they’re in.”

{9:17} “I encourage people to do naked hour. So, it’s an hour a day where you are just naked, hanging around your house and just getting you to see your body and feel your body in its natural state.”

{13:32} “Literally just ask yourself, can this thing benefit me? And if the answer is yes, then that is considered self-care.”



Karissa hails from Maryland and grew up feeling like she was too big to dress “cute.” It wasn’t until she started learning to love her body more that she realized she was interested in fashion and styling different looks. She started posting regularly on social media while she was on a fitness journey and she quickly realized that people resonated with her content since she was a mid-size girl. 

She has discovered her own form of body positivity through embracing her natural figure while still practicing healthy lifestyle habits like working out and eating a healthy diet. She hopes that the fashion industry will start to recognize more mid-size models and stop categorizing everything by straight size and plus size. She encourages others to care for themselves by getting their mind right before focusing on getting their body. She is working on turning this framework for self-care into a guide that other people will benefit from.


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