Joshua David McKenney

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{8:22} “Pidgin was the first doll that I sculpted… and the more vague you can keep her storyline the more creatively I feel liberated to do what I want with her… she became my muse.”

{12:50} “Before mass-production and plastics dolls were always luxury items… they were cherished and handed down from generation to generation… The way I think about dolls is more of a throwback to that idea that a doll is something to be cherished for a long time. 

{20:00} “I consider what I do with Pidgin as a sort of drag expression… I’ve always been interested in anything feminine… that [expression] comes out in the dolls.”

{26:03} “People recreating Pidgin’s makeup looks has been the most incredible thing to happen to me as an artist… it’s a way for people to communicate with me that my artwork resonates with them…”



Joshua McKenney is an independent artist and dollmaker with an eye for feminine beauty. With humble beginnings in photography and fashion illustration, he made his name after a career shift when he self-taught himself dollmaking and founded his company Pidgin Doll, which he’s run with his husband for the last eight years. 

Through trial and error, he created his famously signature doll, Pidgin, a gorgeous line of high-end art dolls released in exclusive collections. Each Pidgin is hand-made by Joshua himself, and the character’s design has resonated across social media, inspiring a significant amount of makeup tutorials by Pidgin-enthusiasts on Instagram.


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