Jean-Pierre Augustin

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[2:03] “The moment I walked in those doors and I could smell the sweat, I instantly fell in love and the story goes from there.”

[4:25] “I feel like for me, personally, the mental part comes from doing the physical. Once you do the work and you know you’ve put the time in and you grinded and you sacrificed, you walk into a fight confident because you know you didn’t cut corners.”

[10:23] “It’s definitely been a blessing to even be recognized and continuously get opportunities where I can try my best to make something of it.”


Synopsis of the show:

Jean-Pierre Augustin, better known as “Kid Creole”, is a Haitian American professional boxer and actor. He was born in Haiti and moved to Boston shortly after, where he has spent more than half of his life training and competing in boxing matches. Jean-Pierre initially got his start in martial arts, but it wasn’t as competitive as he thought it would be, and once he stepped foot in a boxing ring, he knew this is where he belonged. 

His 20+ year career in boxing took him around the world to compete in the London Olympics as he represented Haiti in 2012. After an earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010, the Mexican Olympic team extended an invitation for his team to train with them in Mexico, which is where he got the nickname “Kid Creole”.

Years later, when he was contacted by an agency to play Gilbert Déle, he initially didn’t take the offer seriously. He knew he wasn’t an actor and wondered how the agency got his contact information. It wasn’t until he was contacted a few times that he finally agreed to audition, and after landing the role, more acting opportunities have since opened up to him.


A few things you will learn from the podcast:

Jean-Pierre is grateful for where his life has taken him, and hopes his success in the ring and on the screen continue to grow.

  1. When you’re offered an opportunity, you should take it – you never know where that can lead you.
  2. You can have a lucky pair of underwear – just make sure you wash them.
  3. Be adaptable with hardships that come your way and be creative with continuing your success.


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